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Are We On Verge of a Stock Market Crash – Jeff Berwick on Crush The Street

Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Kenneth Ameduri for Crush the Street podcast.

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Topics include: the recent stock market crash, bubbles can't go forever, market complacency, US debt tripled in 10 years, risk of hyperinflation, hedging against inflation, taxation and money printing rob the people, gold and silver a safe haven, the bear market in cryptocurrencies, have we bottomed? crypto vs precious metals, crypto still risky, very fast moving and volatile market, a window of opportunity, the upcoming TDV Summit and Anarchapulco 2019

38 Comments on Are We On Verge of a Stock Market Crash – Jeff Berwick on Crush The Street

  1. Brace Yourselves! Hope everyone had time to prepare!
    Cause I’m as sure as Hell didn’t.
    God Help us All.

    • TNT TV “I hope so… I want to start investing in the markets and become filthy rich!”

      Perfect timing to start investing in the stock market. Remember the golden rule for the great majority “Buy high sell low.”

  2. 2019: 50% crash end of january, QE again in march, hyperinflation in august. 100K Btc in december and failing governments globally all year round. Happy new year

  3. step 1. Austrians predict financial crisis
    step 2. everyone says “You’re crazy!”
    step 3. Austrians’ predictictions come true
    step 4. everyone says “How did this happen?”
    step 5. repeat eternally

    • Yeah, never give credit where credit is due, and never consider that maybe we should be listened to next time. And then they won’t listen then either.

  4. Peter Shill is right saying that they want the crash under Trump, so that they can have all out socialism after telling people on their TV set, that Trump and his stubborn “free market” strategy caused all of it.

    • funkyguy99 Yeah I was thinking the same lol. Peter has been right about all of this for years, but they laughed because they only looked at the ‘at the moment’ gains. Whoever listened to him and prepaped in advance will see bigger gains than those who bought into the scam for the last 10 yrs.

    • +Dr Sandeep Parwaga Obviously, you are both not regular listeners of Jeff Berwick. In a nutshell: seems like we could call the Peter Shill thing some kind of an inside joke. Everybody respects Peter Schiff, but at some point his regular “see, Bitcoin fell from 20,000 to 3,500 (or whatever), and therefore, it was the most amazing advice in history to not get in at 3$ and instead buy mostly gold … from ME” gets kind of strange.

    • AdvEx You are right, I am not a regular JB listener, so I am not aware it’s used as an inside joke.

      If I have a business selling something I know will be valuable, I would pitch it too to be honest. That’s just business. It’s not like you have to buy it from him. There are loads of other shops around. I don’t buy from him for example. What’s more important is identifying for yourself whether what he is saying is bullshit or not. And obviously, for example with BTC, it wasn’t, at least for the immediate term outlook. Let’s see how it develops further.

  5. Actually it wasn’t Greenspan who made the barbarous relic comment, it was John Maynard Keynes way back in the 20s.

    He was actually referring to the gold backed monetary system, not gold itself.

  6. Out of all the financial experts you’re by far my favorite. I appreciate you and all you do. Someday I will attend Anarcapulco and meet you in person. Thank you for having the courage to tell the truth.

  7. Precious metals are a limited resource, the price is only going to go up more and more. Crypto is trying to do the same except they can create more out of thin air just like fiat currencies, backed by nothing. Market cap of crypto, its unlimited…

  8. I think they’re going to “EMP” the financial system, everyone goes back to zero. Introduce a new system, most importantly it will be cashless. Everyone will be linked into Central Bank fiat, with no ways out. I think millions will join it too. Excellent advice, Jeff.

  9. Ripple isn’t a crypto? You’re right, it’s a company. You don’t have a single solid argument why XRP would not be a cryptocurrency based on the definition of it, but I guess that’s the usual mentality of calling things you don’t like scams or invalidating them simply on account if that.

  10. Without sound money at the core of the worlds finances, they have the ability to print whatever price they want on the stocks.. If there is a “crash” its not based on fundamentals but rather goldman decided to go that route…. they could just as easily pump the price, maybe the dollar would take a hit.. but there is no housing crisis based on adjustable rate mortgatges, so there is no trigger to cause a depression… Technology keeping people employed and these new forms of income, be it uber or airbnb, are not going “crash.”

    Theres a guy on youtube who hates on chevy, but chevys cheap vehicles combined with uber collectively contributes to the economy in that, the chevy need to last on the road a good 5-10 years and X amount of rides given… Over all, the uberdriver completes his rides and earns decent money… add this over millions of people and hundreds of thousands of new cars being paid for via UBER suggest we are moving into an economy that does not need to crash if everyone can keep the money coming in by completeing rides. Every ride completed is a chunk of economic activity across the board. .

    This is why markets and this new normal may not actually create a market crash… In many perspectives, the US economy is poised for continuous growth. The Kensians are winning when it comes to creating aggregate demand.

    Did the stockmarket overshoot itself… and was trading rich, and was due for some profit taking. yes, but none of this means the economy is imploding.

    IIs this the grand economic recovery we were told on MSM… YES. In 2009 new tech was just getting started.. since then this new tech has been adopted completely.. We can no longer imagine a world without uber or airbnb… in 2008 airbnb and uber werent much. Uber is disgusting in how they underpaid their drivers to build the customer base… but now, uber drivers and Airbnb can get decent rates for driving.

    Uber and Airbnb are a big big big deal to current state of the economy and they will contribute to a contiinuinig propserity for people. Our abilty to use other peoples homes and cars through the internet is a huuuuuuuuge deal…. If you think that is setting the bar low, just know this saves people money, which they will spend on travling, and other stuff. Thus the complex part of the eocnomy grows as well. Not just the, put guy in car, guy drive car… guy make money… guy also spends money and this spending (every few hours) goes to pay people doiing stuff ni the complex economy.

    So if we can look how things are actually working out for many based on this model and there wont be massive waves of layoffs, solidifying the economy even if there is a legit down turn.

    We know Bitcoin is new and many will begin to take a position in because they simply dont have a position.. and over the next 10-20-30 years we will see Bitcoin increase in value as more people will come to understand it…

    So with every week that goes by and each uber driver puts $50/mo into bitcoin, over time Bitcoin will become a more dominant player in global finance, but it in iitself will not cause the economy to crash… because if wealth is moving into crypto its creating net positive returrn for most people… Thus once i can not find a real arguement that suggest the economy is going to crash… The growth in that sector will fuel growth in basic ecnomics still, without a crash… The economy grows, stocks stay up, banks stay open, dollar stays relevant, AND bitcoin grows in value… And that bitcoin will eventually contriibute to global economic growth… Without killing the dollar, banks or stocks… Bitcoin helps the entire system stay net positive long term.

    heres a trip… Bitcoin creates demand for Dollars. If i have bitcoin and it rises in price and i want to sell BTC for dollars, i just created a new form of demand for dollars. The buyers of bitcoiin are scambling to find dollars(demand for dollars) and bitcoiin sellers and creatinig demand for dollars… thus helping the dollar stay strong and not crush the markets for being strong… it is really quiite twiilgiht zone stuff were working with here…

  11. Jeff, Greenspan never said that. He said the opposite. He wrote a short track in 1964 entitled Gold and Economic Freedom. Ron Paul asked AG once if he would change anything in that trac and he said “No”. AG was an Ayn Rand goldbug from day 1. I believe that Bix Weir is right about AG: he was a living Trojan Horse who sowed the seeds for the implosion of the old system to be replaced by digital gold (Bitcoin) or real gold or combination of both. AG knew the only way to get rid of the Fed and fiat, was to first destroy it by giving the bankers enough rope to hang themselves with: unlimited derivatives. Example: Deutsche Bank with $70 Trillion of derivatives when German economy is only about “3 to $4 Trillion!

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