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36 Comments on Are National Borders To Keep Immigrants Out Or Tax Slaves In?

  1. No they will continue to let mexicans in. Thats more tax slaves. The wall is to keep the slaves in. Thats why trump just gave the IRS control over visa status.

  2. I escaped to the Philippines three weeks ago. First thing that I did after selling my house was to pay off my Student Loans. So, my “travel permission slip” (Passport) should be safe. Got MOST of my $$$ converted to Philippine Pesos. SIDE NOTE: The MOST expensive 2018 Ford Ranger WITH A DIESEL ENGINE is only PhP1.5M (about $28,000). Take that America!!! So, for the next few weeks, I’m just tying up loose ends back in the USSA. I live by the motto: “Better two years too early, than one day too late”.

    • Only Philippine citizens are allowed to have two Passports. My son has a Philippine Passport AND an American Passport. My wife was lazy, and decided not to take her American citizenship test. She could have had two passports, but doesn’t. I have an American Passport, and CANNOT obtain a Philippine Passport. I think that it’s “possible” to become a Philippine citizen, “IF” I renounce my American citizenship. But, my dad is 78, and may need me at some point in the future. So, I’m not ready to go down that road just yet.

    • +Curtis Albrecht Don’t count on it…she might trade you in for a younger model that doesn’t need it’s butt wiped.

    • yackyick Hmmm… Not likely. Now that she’s 30, her SMV is quickly dropping off. We have a great relationship. There are countless young Filipinas who would love to have her standard of living. And, now that America isn’t occupying Iraq, there aren’t any “rich white guys” vacationing here, which seriously limits her options.

  3. haha, I’ve always said that. ‘What if we all wanna leave and flee to Mexico someday, you know things are getting f**ked up more each day already?’ That’s when they look at me, deer in headlights, like I just said the craziest thing, but they start thinking about it. That’s my job.

    • So true.. most people haven’t even come close to this line of thinking.. it is so far removed from the way people normally think, it is as if they are dumbfounded for a bit and have to work backwards to make sense of it all.

    • That might be true for a handful of billionaires, Mostly, however, it is to keep the rest of the world out. If you really believe that borders around the U.S. are there to stop american citizens from leaving (as in the USSR) then you have been seriously brainwashed!

    • vam1718 Actually you are brainwashed and ignorant and I really don’t want to waste my time to educate you.

    • vam1718 But your first ignorant statement is that a wall could keep billionaires here. Bwahahaha you must have noodles for brains.

  4. A long time from now, historians will show that Americans were imbeciles for not putting
    Ron Paul in the Oval office.

    • Martin Stiastny agree Ron would have been perfect but we choose the less of the 2 evil and we are doing much better then if the witch was there

    • Martin Stiastny we are imbeciles for more than that. Start off with thinking voting for someone that they give us is actually a choice. 🙄

    • William Moriarty I don’t, but I have been there many times. Beautiful city, wonderful people. Just because you are annoyed by non-white people, doesn’t mean that Europe is being ”overtaken by muslims/immigrants”. That’s just you justifying your own fear of the unknown. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Learn how to be a compassionate person who sees individuals instead of generalizing like an animal.

    • Jackie Skillet Zionist’s use wahabi Muslims as a tool.

      More about the level of immigration & the lack of vetting by the way.

      Only way mass immigration works is if every country accepts it ( symmetrical)

      Still struggling to understandably race has anything to do with this. Couldn’t care less about race

  5. First he gains your trust then he scams you. Few people pay their own taxes and if you do then you higher a lawyer to help you avoid them

  6. The problem has, and always will be, capitalism. It is going to be the downfall of the western world. Rich oligarchs stealing all resources and capital, while leaving scraps to the rest of us. It’s the nature of capitalism, sadly. Might as well try to get rich and move someplace less…. American, before it’s too late.

  7. Not just taxes. If you owe more than $5,000 in back child support you cannot get a passport. In this scenario the money isn’t even owed to the government and your UNALIENABLE right to travel is revoked.

  8. You can’t actually get high paying jobs in the United Kingdom without a piece of paper stating you reiterated some stuff that was told to you and wrote it down on paper. I guess the majority of UK employers are what’s known as “white collar class” to you Americans out there. As a result they’re hiring people with no skills in a said subject, I.e. someone can get a programming job having scored A*’s in all of their school subjects with zero programming experience or knowledge, which results in poor work and unsustainable market funded business models that require millions in government loans just to stay afloat and make the economy look like it’s booming when in actual fact, it’s a total bust.

  9. Sad. What has become of the U.S? Who decides who should be on the no-passport list? I know if you have a mortgage on you house and you sell it for less that the purchase price you owe money to the IRS. How many people in the U.S. are in this situation? You could be foreclosed upon, lose your house, and still money to the IRS. I say get out while you can or at least set up your income and finances so you can be free of tax slavery.

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