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28 Comments on AMA While I Get A Colonic

  1. Just stick with oats and lentils and you’ll have a natural colonic clear out without all the bother and inconvenience.

  2. I shudder to think what poor Mexican mountain people think about rich American or Canadians–if they call sleep disorders “rich mans desease”what would they call this mental disorder?Remind me never to seek to be rich!lest a similar mental affliction strikes me.Bet in stinks in there!Open the windows!Some clever doctor must have hyped up a 17th century opium enema–better go in once e week to “stay healthy”.What we have here is a “wealth transfer”sold as a “cleaning enema”to rich patrons.

    • rob w if I cared about “proving” that I’m right to a stranger who immediately resorts to name calling, I’d tell you where up your arse you can find the link.

    • Im just trying to figure out why this dude is posting some weird video of him getting an enema days after a member of his community was brutally murdered.

    • +Jeff Berwick thanks for the link even though i don’t you personally anarcopulco people are my community.

  3. wanna see stuff come out of ya, try the “so easy”3 day cleanse that uses palm oil fiber. Serious detox symptoms and then look out.

  4. Good for you preventative health management beats the hell out of a colonic really. Independent health care ! Cheers Jeff.

  5. he dont need to do that, take turpentine 4 times a week and you never get any issues with your body, plus you feel way more energized, then you currently are…you have money, a good life, you even would become much older then normally. plus your pineal gland get cleaned completely. but… dont drink the whole bottle, this stuff is higly yummy and it energize you for the whole day.

  6. It’s been about 5 years since I’ve had a colonic. I initially wanted to make it a routine thing but I slacked it. Thanks for the reminder. Gotta keep them guts clean.

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