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Alt-Tech, Gold And The Great Collapse – Jeff Berwick on The Taurus Institute

Jeff Berwick is Interviewed by Nick Martin for the Taurus Institute at the Precious Metals Investment Symposium in Perth Australia.

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Topics include: gold backed crypto, USA very close to financial collapse, waking people up, the vagaries of Ripple, gold and cryptocurrencies are complimentary, portfolio balancing, gold and crypto atm cards, privacy coins, one world taxation, encryption back doors, achieving privacy with alt-tech, the popping of the debt bubble, inflation still coming, The Taurus Institute, helping people to access crypto, the existing system is a ponzi scheme that lives off the backs of their children

43 Comments on Alt-Tech, Gold And The Great Collapse – Jeff Berwick on The Taurus Institute

    • You can buy mine. If keen, what state are you in?. I am in Georgia but moving back to Europe……this is when you realize what a pain metals are.

    • Actually, I might leave my silver in the safe deposit here as I don’t think the US govt will steal it, just the gold most likely and possibly platinum..looks like I will have to get few return tickets …..which shows that all regs are just an annoyance. A technicality to trip people up and legitimise theft.

    • But will to sell some Gold and Platinum if ur in the US. let me know, contact details are kn about page of my channel or Cryptoversity channels on Minds , com ; FecesBook , and Shitter

  1. Crypto is backed by the blockchain technology. It is the technology that gives it value. A gold backed crypto is like having a horse pull your automobile.

    • No it wouldn’t. Who’s going to enforce the crypto to gold backing? The same people that backed the dollar to gold? That got cut in 1933 and then the gold link got completely abolished in 1971! How did that work out? Oh…I know how…. my dollar is ever inflated and printed into infinite and beyond. We would be right back where we are today. Not going to work.

    • Any entity can do this. It doesn’t need to be a government body. Even a small gold producer can store and value their gold – put it into a vault. Possibly a conglomerate of gold miners? Then all they need to do is issue a crypto which you could use to make payments. How does the dollar come into play? The free market can definitely figure it out.

    • crypto is fiat PLUS it is mined by strongest computers on Earth, which belong to BANKSTERS, morons !

      Only Ron Paul 1% have brains 🙁 99% of you are fluorided or simply braindead…

  2. I find I’m STILL asking this question and STILL NO one has given me the correct answer yet: Show me a SECURE LINK to a site where I can pick up a wallet?? I downloaded (5) of these already from various sites, (3) of them were virused and the other (2) had back doors, so Jeff if you want us to believe in this it has to be SECURE My Friend, so please provide that “Link”?? ^_^

  3. The main problem with all this is that any financial system or way of living is always, always, always, secondary to the military power that can protect that system. The financial system is feminine in aspect. The military is masculine. And I’m not referring to Male and female, I’m referring to process – that just like the feminine is dependent on masculine structure, a financial system is dependent on military.
    Many great systems in the past fell, not because the feminine aspect was impure, but because the masculine structure was not strong enough to counter imposing existential systems.

    One of the wisest things my inner self ever told me.. “Finance is not based on finance.”

  4. We are way overdo for the financial collapse.The investors seem to know what’s up with our artificial money inflated economy.

    • I think Joe is pretty smart, so once he has a look at the KBC/KCB (Karatbars) eco-system, he’ll understand that a Gold-Crypto system is the future. Speaking of future, suggested reading “The Future of Money” by Harald Seiz.

  5. Females have something to answer for here. They always vote for big government and the (not) free handouts. In fact western governments use the weakness of females for staying in power.

  6. Very easy to buy gold. Go to your nearest coin dealer and purchase Kugs, maple leafs or US eagle 1 oz gold coins any day M-F. Don’t buy gold or silver on line hoping they ship it to you. Buy local and take possession immediately upon purchase. Never let some one else hold you coins. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

  7. You said that mutual funds, stocks, bonds, pensions, social security funds are all going to be gone in the next few years… I have a hard time believing this. Take company stocks for instance, what do you think is going to happen to all of these successful companies? Are they just going to disappear and stop making money? I don’t think so. Companies will continue to grow and make more money, that’s how it works. Maybe I’m missing something here but I just don’t see how all stocks can go down indefinitely. I totally agree we are due for a market crash, but someone please explain to me how a company’s value will just go to zero?

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