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A Letter To The IRS: Go Fuck Yourselves You Bunch Of Criminals

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32 Comments on A Letter To The IRS: Go Fuck Yourselves You Bunch Of Criminals

  1. Jeff is a funny guy!!!!! and he is right, I left the USA 11 years ago because i want to live good and free, and that was the best thing i ever did, and by the way I have not paid taxes in 25 years!!! and once in a blue moon, I get a letter from the IRS telling me that i need to report my job and earnings to them, when I live in Germany, I just throw that paper in the trash and laugh!!!!!!!!! 😀 I’m no slave to no one EVER!! by the way Jeff great Video 😀

    • they sure do! but i don’t pay them, or even registering with them, so they don’t look at me, that’s the same with the IRS! if you stop filing for taxes, you will disappear in a few years! i know, because that’s what I did, once in a blue moon, i get a letter asking me info on my job or earnings, i never reply, all there doing is fishing and hoping your going to give them your info!!! That would be a big mistake!!!! 🙁

  2. Hey man, nice video. What do you think about anonymous cryptocurrencies (Monero, Dash, DeepOnion and others)? Can you give us a video about this?

  3. Imagine if the country stood up and says we’re not paying taxes no more just the sheer numbers would scare the daylights out of them

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