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31 Comments on THE GREAT DEPRESSION 2019!

  1. Hey Bo, been killing it on options lately in this market. Great calls and appreciate the videos you make greatly!

  2. Thank u Mr Bo

    i am a non subscriber of your paid services……….. but i have been following up closely behind u

    A Big Thank U

    • Eventually the boy that cries wolf everyday one day will be right but be wrong all the other times he has spoken. Do not trust with blind faith anybody on YouTube .

  3. Have you seen GREG Mannarino’s Vlog this evening? Greg said were in a FULL FLEGE MELT DOWN, he said credit FREEZE coming and to prepare for the worst case scenario, he said to get cash IMMEDIATELY.

  4. I’m well prepared while my friends have been traveling and enjoying life I’ve been preparing for the inevitable and warning people of what is going…. very few have listened…The Bible says Noah was a righteous preacher… it took him 200 years to build The Ark imagine warning and preaching to the people for 200 hundred years and no one listened …only Noah and his family got on board and God himself closed the door…I imagine there was a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth…Locked, loaded and ready

  5. 1:46 The crash is going to get MUCH MORSE? No offence Bo but please proof read prior to posting your videos: especially when the capitalized word is being misspelled. Don’t make it easy for your critics to laugh at you and difficult for us to defend you! That being said, thank you for the update.

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