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MELTDOWN 2016 – God’s MOMENT of Judgement! – Bo Polny

• Did the SHEMITAH date October 2, 2016 and the Year of Jubilee 2016 FAIL, with a Policy of Endless Monetary Printing?
• We including several our PRIVATE CALCULATION to CLEARLY ILLUSTRATE to of ALL our SKEPTICS and some misinformed CRITICS that NOTHING in our world is RANDOM or by CHANCE, but is ALL by GOD’S DESIGN, and can in fact be CALCULATED
• Wikileaks and God’s 45-days cycle
• Is an ‘ancient relics’ about to reign as MONEY
• CYCLES and the U.S Election


1. July 20, 2015 was EXACT (NASDAQ)
2. August 15, 2016 was EXACT (DOW & S&P 500)
3. September 22, 2016 was EXACT (NASDAQ)
4. (DATE-WATCH VIDEO) is expected to be the MOMENT or maximum time point for God’s Judgement.


19 Comments on MELTDOWN 2016 – God’s MOMENT of Judgement! – Bo Polny

  1. Great video! I also think a new law in the Islamic world will be decided
    Dec 2016 that will allow muslim people to buy gold as an investment. That
    could be the start of an enormous economic game changer.

  2. Bo… You the man.

    Looking forward for God’s money, gold and silver, to rule our economic

    Down with all bogus fiat money, paper and electronic. Down with Fed and
    banking, the Satanic system that enslaved and oppressed humanity.

    Usury must be completely abolished in our life.

  3. This is very astonishing in regards to a biblical analysis. Regardless of
    anyone who caviled against these biblical cycles and related analysis, God
    has the last say in the matter and it is an honor for kings to search out a
    matter. Bo Polny is searching this out and the scripture has made it clear
    that them that believe are kings and priests unto our God. We shall watch
    now and as God gives us insight into these matters he might give us more
    wisdom and knowledge in these last days according to his will.


  4. Awaiting to see if you are right Bo, I listen to a lot of people, I haven’t
    doubted you yet. Let’s see what November brings.

  5. If Trump wins, from the day of his birth to his inauguration for presidency
    will be 70years, 7 months and 7 days exactly.

  6. Dear Bo Polny, thx for your accurate predictions.
    You are missingh something crucial in your calculations, they are also
    tight up to yewish feastdays.
    This is the right calculation I presume:
    Number of days from Black Tuesday 29 October 1929 to day after Yom Kippur
    2016: 31.761 days
    divided by:
    Number of days from Black Monday 19 October 1987 to day after Yom Kippur
    2016: 10.587 days
    gives number of three exact! 31.761/10.587 = 3

    Now keep in mind the following, meaning of biblical numbers:
    2 = being a witness
    3 = completion
    7 = completion (higher order than 3
    So 2 * (3 * 7) means: Be witness (2) I (God) will bring this world to his
    total completness (3 * 7).

    2 * (3 * 7) = 42!
    You showed in one of your presentation six times stock market collapses in
    42 years duration.

    Now the following the seventh number of 42 is not in years but in days!

    So add 42 day to Yom Kippur or day after Yom Kippur and you arrive at:
    23/24 november 2016 at this day the stock market will collapse!

    Something else that is tight up to this is the revelation sign, Revelation
    12 verse 1 & 2, this sign appears in his completion on
    23 September 2017, on Rosh Hashanah.
    Jupiter in this sign will enter the whomb of constellation virgin on 23/24
    November 2016, same day when stock market will crashes.

    This is the great sign (revelation 12 verse 1), You can see this back in
    Luke 21 verse 11 (King James Translation) again great sign) This is the WW3
    and eartquakes together with the great sign!

    Goodluck with your calculations and be blessed.
    Cor (from the Netherlands)

  7. Nov 20th 2016 starts the rarest astronomic event in man kind history. it
    happens once in 7000 years! Jupiter enters in to Virgo and stays in here
    for alittle over 9 month. the same time of birth. Cycle ends on September
    2017. It ends around Rosh hashanah and Tabernacle/Sukkot. The Jewish new
    year starts around September 2017 and will be the 70th year mark for
    Israel. also if Trump gets elected then on January 20th 2017 the first day
    he takes office he will be 70 years old 7 months and 7 days.

  8. Trump is the new Hunt brothers. in the 1970’s The Hunt Brothers challenged
    the elites/1% system through economics/Silver as Trump is challenging the
    1%/elites through politics. The Hunts were billionaires at the time and
    failed to take down the wicked system at the time. Now we have a new
    billionaire fighting back at the evil/corrupt system. Hope he successes and
    does not fail like the hunts.

    JFK did say this system is trying to make every man woman and child a

  9. The simple plan of salvation is this… YOU ARE A SINNER!!! Christ has
    made your payment and mine in full. You can either pay for your own sins
    in Hell for all eternity, or you can receive Christ’s payment for your sins
    instead. I have already received Christ’s payment, have you? Salvation
    happens when you acknowledge your guilt of sin in God’s eyes, and you
    receive the gospel as full payment for your sins. Christ DIED upon the
    cross for our sins, He was BURIED, and He RAISED up, having shed His
    precious blood to wash away our sins. Christ sprinkled His liquid blood
    upon the heavenly Mercy Seat in the presence of His Father (Hebrews 9:12,
    22-24; 12:24). Ephesians 2:13, “But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes
    were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.” You don’t have to
    spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. If you receive the Gospel of the Lord
    Jesus Christ as payment for your sins, then you are saved securely and


    I, will cry you a river
    And much much more
    My dear dear America,
    Once so beautiful !
    You sold your soul
    To a bunch of mercenaries
    Which entered your sheep-fold
    As wolves and goats
    You sold your skin
    To the highest bidder
    You resemble a harlot
    The new BABYLON
    Eating and drinking
    With the rich of this world
    Prostituting yourself
    For money and power
    And became a den
    Of thieves and murderers
    You forgot all about
    The One Who blessed
    You so abundantly
    Biting the Hand of the Blesser
    Embarrassed to mention His Name !
    Did He not teach you
    To be wise as a serpent
    And harmless as a dove
    Why then do you behave
    As a silly goose ??
    He invited you to His dinner Table
    He so diligently prepared
    But, you made light of it
    And went your worldly, haughty ways
    One to his farm,
    Another to his business.
    But as the Father of Fathers
    He waits for your return
    The return of His prodigal daughter
    Humble your pride
    And follow the Way, the Life and the Truth !!!
    Or, I SHALL cry you a river
    A river of bloody tears
    And much much more !!!

    Rita Biesemans 02/17/2003

  11. I appreciate what you do, Bo. Great job being obedient to GOD. I am in
    agreement. A great judgment is coming on this land called America. I want
    Trump in charge when GOD sends the judgment. Trump will humble himself
    before the LORD and he will not commit genocide against the people. Hitlery
    will kill everyone she can. Hitlery is a destroyer.

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