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March PLUNGE, by JUNE LIFE will NEVER be the SAME AGAIN! (Bo Polny)

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LEGAL & DISCLAIMER: The above represents the opinion and analysis of Mr. Polny, based on data available to him, at the time of writing. Mr. Polny's opinions are his own, and are not a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell securities, commodities and/or cryptocurrencies. Mr. Polny is an independent analyst who receives no compensation of any kind from any groups, individuals or corporations. As trading and investing in any financial markets may involve serious risk of loss, Mr. Polny recommends that you consult with a qualified investment advisor, one licensed by appropriate regulatory agencies in your legal jurisdiction and do your own due diligence and research when making any kind of a transaction with financial ramifications. Although an experienced analyst, Mr. Polny is not a Registered Securities Advisor. Therefore Mr. Polny’s opinions on the markets, stocks and commodities are his own and can not be construed as a solicitation to buy and sell securities, commodities and/or cryptocurrencies.


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48 Comments on March PLUNGE, by JUNE LIFE will NEVER be the SAME AGAIN! (Bo Polny)

  1. Clif High said in a recent interview that BY May/June, his data sets show some kind of major increase with cryptocurrencies possibility because of economic downturn etc.

  2. God’s will shall be done. He never ceases to amaze me All things work together for good and God is waking up His people. Love sister Lois.

    • WOW! That’s all I can say, that sent shivers all over. Bo I wait for your videos and updates, I’ve prepared my family as well as we can be with food water and silver. It’s strange now I’m prepared I don’t feel scared for what is about to come 😊 great video 👍🙏🙏

    • Haha, this is hilarious. Tell me, Lois, does this god tell you all these things or do you just utter what comes into your head?

    • Lois, I love you sister and your messages. I listen to you as I drive into work each night and you lift my spirit and help me face each day. You are helping to enlighten so many and help to shine the Lord’s Light on the path to Salvation. All Glory to God.

  3. Lets says the Market plunge ended up happening in May 2019 not March 2019, Bo is still right, he has warned of an imminent event taking place, god moves dates if he chooses to but delay isnt forever

    • Bo does great work, but, a 40- 60 % plunge does not meant the end of the world. The evil FED still has plenty of firepower for one last blast to new highs but the ramifications will be a currency collapse. This still takes time. A few years at least.

    • +Gold 2020 Forecast what do you think of the coin nuclears vision (ncash) amaizing tecnology

    • +Elsio Mascarenhas I don’t, stick with the top players, BTC all 3 , ltc
      eth, Ontology, eos, and i think Bat will do well, however, pure speculation. Who really knows? Good luck to you.

    • +Joseph M thanks, i heard of the coin ontology befory im gonna do a rechearh on it then invest

    • Keith Rhys omg bo told you to invest and you would have doubled your money and you’re complaining about a few dollars. Get a life

    • He said thats the target was $70 it’s only a target, it still went up this week to $56 ish that’s great 😀

    • Marie Allibone GTFO if he say target is $70 it should be $70 no excuses…I thought he was Analyst of the time according to the Vienna conference. I am not hating I actually loaded up to so I can hit his $70 Target.

    • bigman19916, the weeks not over yet, any way look at the bigger picture, I’m looking for the bigger prices to come you won’t care about the $70 price target soon lol. Change your prospective longer term and then you will see Bo was spot on with he analyst, when the dow hits the 25,123 200 day moving average point the stocks all over the world are gonna plunge focus on that, then you will see Bo is bang on 👍🙂

  4. 124. I don’t know about that
    But on 4 21 April 21st about the time Jesus would die on the. Cross is 111 day of the year. If you saw the super bowl ad that shows the lights go out all over the world. ( Eastern America it showed)
    Exactly at the 111 min mark.
    So maybe it’s to be looking at this backwards like Hebrew language?

  5. 💵💥 XRP is here buy bags, regulation and transparency and it’s Utility for the whole world is active. 👈🥇

  6. the crash will be bigger than 40%. they saw drop to 11k which is more like 60% dump maybe even more. God isnt going to make last days ambiguous. prices will shoot and plunge, all will be spectacular and horrible, its the end of the world! Neither God nor satan will half measure the finale imho

  7. As a person liviing in Ireland the American date format of Month/day/year appear slightly strange (no offence intended American friends!). In this part of the world we go by day/month/year which is shows time progressing from immediate time (this day today) to larger amounts of time (this month), this year. (Personally I think we should use Year/month/day as that makes sorting files by named date easier eg: my_work_2019_03_09 – I digress.) That being said, many of the days of the week and months are still named after pagan gods. So I dont know how much weight we can place on time analysis like this with “our” calendar systems. I”ve watched others use the hebrew calendar which makes more logical sense since God spoke to the hebrews first and Jesus himself came from a jewish family. but having said that I would be interested to see if anything of significance occurs on 12/4/2019 (April 12). Maybe its just a message for America only?

  8. Basel 3 on 29 of march is important date too regarding Gold, as the Brexit on the same date.GOD show us many signs.

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