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    • real estate when is low not now. You would have to not know anyrhing about market cycles and dumb to buy real estate now. Right now is crypto and then buy real estate in cash with crypto profits.

    • Real estate needs to correct like 40%…at the very LEAST! Gold and Silver are great buys so I can’t argue thete. When stocks crash, housing will go with it. Ppl are not going to want to be on anything else besides land that u ALREADY own, metals, crypto, guns and ammo.

  1. No coin is going anywhere untill we hit bottom around 1.8 to 2.2k..
    Last time also u said Bitcoin touched bottom in April…lie with confidence and music that is what something special about this channel..

    • My Bitcoin INDEX subscribers had the December bottom at $22 for weeks already! These videos give general guidance NOT DATES, dates are for my INDEX subscribers. Hope you understand.

    • +Gold 2020 Forecast all good, my point was litecoin had a 10 percent gain just hours before this video popped out, if you were before the pump even more props to you

  2. Bought 2000 worth at 30 bucks. I couldn’t tell if bottom was in but Jeff Berwick and his trading guy seemed to think so.

  3. Thank you Bo Polny. I subscribed to your index a week ago and am looking forward to what is set to come. Thanks for you honest and insightful guidance through these difficult times.

  4. Thanks Bo. We’re trying to put them away, with some silver along they way. It’s a slow trickle though. It was a dilemma, sign up, or try and put the hard earned towards at least some litecoin, as there wasn’t enough hard earned to do both. Edged the side of litecoin. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

  5. Inverse Head and Shoulders 4h?…it might still play out but so far fake out!
    HS pattern are not the best reliable patterns and only after breaking the neckline.
    But nops I have no LTC.

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