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Just As In The Days of Noah, BEGINS October 2018!

This Fall season will SHOCK the world! God's Seasons of CHANGE are upon us, have you prepared? Do NOT be one of the Desperate. Prophecies by Mark Taylor and Lois Vogel Sharp about 2018. MUST WATCH!
Gold 2020 Forecast, Bo Polny is an Analyst of TIME.

20 Comments on Just As In The Days of Noah, BEGINS October 2018!

  1. Always love your videos.. I will join your bitcoin index but I really can’t afford it right now but when litecoin goes to the moon I’ll join asap

  2. Automatic subtitles don’t work. How can we have a transcript? Thank you. / No funcionan los subtítulos automáticos. ¿Cómo podemos tener una transcripción? Gracias.

  3. Well, the magnetic north pole has moved 2000 miles south in the last 20 yrs. So we are gearing up for another 12K year pole shift for another great flood. It ties in perfectly with this new 400 yr grand solar minimum cycle biblical climate change on the way. Buy a boat too. 😉

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