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John McAfee Blockchain Cruise Presentation | A New Age | A Good Feeling!

Do NOT miss this presentation by John McAfee from the September 7-11, 2018 Mediterranean Blockchain Cruise!

14 Comments on John McAfee Blockchain Cruise Presentation | A New Age | A Good Feeling!

  1. I like John McAfee’s deep voice, great presentation. I signed the Declaration of Currency Independence months ago!


  3. Turn the phone sideways so we get a landscape image
    and Bo are you ever going to respond to me for doing an interview?

  4. Thanks Bo, much appreciated 🙏🏻😃!
    But yikes, why do Leah and her Russian sidekick always have such a nasty Tone to them when they speak 🤨?

  5. Bo, your presentation on the blockchain cruise blew my mind. I watched it 6x now. If you’re even I/2 right with your numbers it’s going to change my world. I gotta give it to you, alot of people talk and talk but you actually make predictions and that takes a lot of guts and confidence. I hope to god you’re right. if you prove correct, come January I will forever call you The Crypto Oracle Supreme

  6. I am quite sure were moving to a new age but I dont see it as a good one. I see a cashless society run by the bankers not we the people. I see people with embedded biometric chips with your ID, $, GPS. I see collectivism growing rapidly in the world and who runs collectivism Totalitarian Goverments. I see us racing towards the Tribulation period as stated in the Bible. Bible prophecy is unfire. I see the USA at war on our shores. Were going to have to fight for freedom.

    • Who ever thinks bankers or the elite will give it all up over crypto is gonna wake up from there ladidadi dream.
      Its control the masses 2.0.

    • dragon slayer I completely agree. They’ll let the cryptos with no privacy succeed and they’ll still get their taxes. They’ll outlaw the privacy coins as money laundering tools. The banks will still survive as crypto banks. Watch the ABRA talk on day one of the Litecoin Summit. The masses will never be free from the elites. Hopefully after the revolution we’ll have less corrupt elites though…

  7. Please answer this question, because I am puzzled: I’ve seen the total market cap at $203 Billion (USD) today, whereas, it was $828 Billion on 7th of January 2018. Yet, there are very few places where I can buy cryptos with fiat. It is frustrating to find, especially at low or no fee, and there are even fewer that allow releases back into fiat for withdrawal without restriction (holding fiat funds hostage). So, how is it possible for so many tens of billions to flow so easily in and out of the market like water sloshing around? I hear of “whales” controlling entire markets, but how is it possible?I am pu

  8. thats right hahalaloya if january comes if ur prove correct ur a crypto oracle supreme as our friend called u this would suit u 100%

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