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Economic CRISIS | Gold Silver Bitcoin

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27 Comments on Economic CRISIS | Gold Silver Bitcoin

  1. Death to the global ring of Central Banks. Along with those parasites who both own and run them. For the misery and suffering they have caused right across the globe is now immeasurable. Let justice be seen to be done.

    • If hyperinflation should start and the dollar becomes worthless you will be able to pay the hyperinflated dollar value of your house with a few grams of gold. In Zimbabwe they started printing trillion dollar notes with which you couldn’t even buy a bread. 1 gram of gold would give you several trillion dollars and the house bonds were only still a few million zimbabwean dollars.

    • @Little Blessings No, sillyness is attempting to pay everything off. If you have $10,000 cash currently and you owe $100,000 on your home, then it makes absolutely no sense to take your $10,000 and pay toward your home. Take the $10K and invest in precious metals, crypto, food and water. Within a year or two your investment should yield enough to pay off the house.

  2. Research Edgar Cayce and The Pole Shift, and Edgar Cayce predictions

    Many interesting articles come up that help unlock the truth behind the earth changes and earthquakes, volcanoes, sky anomalies etc, and how this relates to our spiritual transformation and knowledge of who we really are, not what we have been told

    Also read Edgar Cayce on the book of Revelation, (an article on the internet)

    Answers all of the mysteries and questions to the nature of humanity, and Bible hidden symbolic meanings

  3. This wouldn’t be so bad if it were not for the criminal aspect, the two or three bad apples who get away with murder nobody and nothing stopping them from their reign of terror. I mean banking for all its worth is a great societal function and common sense but for so many masses to look the other way with deaf ears while the fire in the other room grows larger and hotter. Until…..

  4. Mr Bo there’s, no time left stockmarket will skyrocketing buy stocks the rest u say it’s no sense. This is life change. .see u the new all time high next year! :))

  5. Seriously, what’s going on? Dow loses 650 points one day then gains almost 1,100 the next? Panic? I know the market is collapsing, are they simply staving off the inevitable till the chaos to follow the market collapse suits them?

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