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  1. I had a dream of a Tsunami and the next day I felt The Lord say , as New York has allowed the death of my babies even as a mothers water breaks , so will my water break over New York !! Two days later I felt The Lord say , it will be as if a huge millstone has been thrown into the waters off the US East Coast .

    • Well sometimes God acts right away, sometimes he waits in His mercy ( once for 400 odd years until the cup of iniquity was full ) . Other times he acts in the same timeframe as the evil ones ( was it 6 weeks to get the law passed ? ) . Lastly, sometimes he sends increasing weather troubles, so you might get freezing temperatures and then a break and then something worse and a break, then something worse etc . Or increasing financial trouble such as finding an extra $ 500 million shortfall in a budget. Oh hang on…..

  2. I live in NYC and I’m disgusted on a daily basis. The people here have lost all morality. The women are jaded and think they are men, everyone is okay with hating the president for no reason, and now they are a bunch of proud baby killers. Craziest part is I’m still a registered dem and I don’t know why.

    • that may be a blessing yet to be seen—as long as you are register as one of them–they may leave you alone–for a while anyway

    • Just #WalkAway ! Abortion, is a major part of the Democratic Platform and it’s documented with video that they sell baby body parts through Planned Parenhood. The Pro-life and Sanctity of Life side/movement is growing but the timid need to step forward, be counted and speak up for those who can’t such as the unborn and elderly. Didn’t we go to war for far less against Hitler. Since Roe Vs Wade more than 55 million have perished – this is infanticide.

    • Trump isn’t helping the situation. He will confirm the new gun bill which will eliminate all gun ownership privacy

  3. man you know how to entertain people, respect! Now I cant wait to see if this market plunge really will occur in February 2019.

  4. Thank you Bo, for taking the time to share the coming events with everyone. Hopefully Roe vs Wade will be overturned, the evil will be no longer, and the defenceless will be protected from the horrors. Good luck to you and your family, and everyone out there that walks a good path, for the rocky waters/quakes ahead. God Bless.

  5. I commend Trump for speaking out and condemning the atrocity of the recent decision to allow abortions so late in the term during his SOTU speech. And even pointing out how people rejoiced in that decision.

  6. I have to give Bo Pony credit .its very entertaining ,well it happen .we will find out soon or will Bo keep kicking the can down the road.O by the way no man know put the father in heaven.

  7. Wrong again Bo. Your time for the crash was Jan 18 to Feb 7. The market will end higher on feb 7. No 50 percent. Keep pushing those dates.

    • Hmmm. Everyone knows its all being prompt up. Even the wall st expert knows this. They begun QE again to counter the plunge but for how long? Im pretty sure its ripe for collapse for America not just Dow. Are you prepped?

  8. There’s a good chance the retracement still isn’t over. The FED is suppose to speak today. Last time Powell spoke he announced a pause to rate hikes which lead to the Dow gaining over 400 points that day. Actually I wouldn’t be surprized if the markets make new highs. As much as I want tho nonsense to end I don’t think it will until trumps 2nd term. The only way this market will correct is if there is some kind of Devine intervention.

    • there is a video doing the rounds of Trumps campaign points, expose the false Govt. figures, the stock market is a bubble, look into the Fed, build a wall, get Mexico to pay for it , cut spending, cut deficits etc etc . Now it’s going to get done in his second term ( not to say you are not correct by the way ) , kick the can done the road or what .

  9. I know your heart is in the right place but you keep moving the bench mark forward with each new video. I agree it is going to happen but the time frame is in God’s hands.

  10. Dow 40,000. there is nowhere else for money to go and the Fed will keep it bloated. Until it does finally tumble. Trump wants re-election. So it’s up from here till 2020.

  11. This guy keeps moving and moving ahead the crash date. So when it finally happens (which you dont have to be a genius to know it will happen) he can say : As I predicted beforehand….

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