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CRASH 2018 Begins September 20 😨 Global Awakening Coming!

On September 23, 2017 constellation Virgo gave birth to a 'NEW ERA of TIME' that will trigger a WORLD SHOCK WAVE that BEGINS on September 19, 2018 (Yom Kippur)! And this video was UPLOADED on September 19, 2018. God’s power is now set to be unleashed… Are your ready for the coming global awakening?

36 Comments on CRASH 2018 Begins September 20 😨 Global Awakening Coming!

    • Phoenix I see your profile pic. Do you think the new world currency they were “predicting” will be some kind of bitcoin?

  1. Bo check this out , If you understand Bible Prophecy you will prosper. Daniel Chapter 2 is an outline of superpowers till the end of the world. Revelation chapters 12 to 18 especially 13 provides details of how the last superpower works, how its financial structure of world dominance is setup. Cryptos are a transition phase of this world dominance system by one power. For the time being we are trading them, prospering from them, but soon once mass adoption hit critical mass we will see how Cryptos/digital money, blockchain will lead us to relinquish our freedom especially once everything is tokenized.

    Tokenization of everything will be the final phase of world dominance of one power.

    Clue, Fascia in US Congress, and other government buildings. Former US Secretary of State Madam Albright

    Enjoy it for now before it enslave all of us. Its spiritual, not financial.

    • +motor city Yes crypto is just a tool in a spiritual war. If you are genuinely, intellectually honest, you will engage the content by going to the Bible, read the chapters quoted prayerfully. God will reveal the link between the physical & spiritual, be it Cryptos, science etc. Try it

    • Motor city.. I would reconsider your words.. There is a one world system coming(spoken clearly in the Bible) and it is crypto… “What shall it profit a man if he gain the world and loose his soul”

    • +motor city God is involved in everything. That’s okay if you don’t agree but insulting people for their beliefs just makes you look silly, my friend.

    • +motor city At least he has not declared himself a prophet. Bo is just a guy doing predictive analysis using mans tools to predict the future. He is bound to get some right some wrong as he is not in control of time, Only God controls time, he is even outside of our linear time hence he can see past, present and future all at once.

      Allow him to be wrong and right in his predictions, also allow him to be right and wrong in his Biblical interpretation of events.

      That is how we learn and advance.

  2. Bo.. As always thank you for your analysis… I have been preparing for three years now… I’m looking for the blessing so I can be a blessing…👍

    • +NaturalHI Don’t worry, be happy. Seriously, pat yourself on the back for making some preparations. Many will lose everything because they wouldn’t listen. The crash may not happen tomorrow, but it’s coming. The business cycle will return and we’ll face a recession. They just pushed it out longer by blowing up the bubble even bigger after 2008.

  3. I bet you that by the end of next week BTC will be 6k or less. You really want us to take you seriously? How often have you claimed that the market is moving up?

  4. I gave up trying to predict these markets years ago. I’ll just continue my ususal routine of buying a thousand dollars worth of btc, twice a month, on or near payday. I can keep this up for years if necessary. The short term market swings are tough but the long term trend in bitcoin is very promising.

    • Bo makes it very clear the dates are for traders only otherwise people should just hold. I’m finally starting to get better at reading the charts so making additional bitcoin off the bounces is getting easier.

    • *+Thomas Crown*
      *>I’m finally starting to get better at reading the charts so making additional bitcoin off the bounces is getting easier*
      Nice! That’s something I’ve never been able to do. I make a few good trades then a bad one that wipes out the gains. Eventually I got tired of throwing money away, canceled my Criptsy account and never looked back. A few months later Cryptsy did their exit scam and stole everyone’s money. Glad I missed that one. Since then I’ve just been buying a few hundred a month. Then when I finally paid off my house, my usual spending dropped to 35% of my mechanic wages. Then was able to I was able to ramp my purchases up to 1000 usd every payday. I’ve managed to accumulate another 1.72 btc so far this year, and add it to the stack. Eventually we’ll reach my magic number and go live my dream.

    • Trading isn’t easy but the insane amounts of money that can be made with it is worth the hours and hours of study. Bottom of the last pull back I dumped 5 BTC into NANO because NANO always over sells in a correction. Less than 24 hours it bounced back and I made 1.2 BTC. I’m realizing more and more that markets move in predictable patterns because of mass psychology.

  5. I don’t disagree, but I can’t agree with this. Man-made financial system mostly driven by computers and algorithms and wild human greed and fear, has nothing to do with real value of food, water, and other basic necessities. The market is completely out of whack and its true color will soon be seen as many in other parts of the world have already seen.

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