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20 Comments on BULL MARKET 2019 / TOTAL MARKET CAP ANALYSIS (Bo Polny)

    • Just relax, the only fraud is Jamie Dimon. Jamie Demon has done this many times. Last time he did this crypto went down possibly on his news and it turned out his company was buying crypto in Sweden. This guy is a traitor to humanity…….sooner you understand this and do the opposite of what he BS’s the public with……..the better off you will be.

    • ​+Grant Salisbury Did he also bag cryptos/Blockchain in general, & then goes about implementing a coin on Blockchain, albeit, their own (for now).

  1. Thank you for such encouraging news… Looking forward to a green crypto market!!! May God-bless you and your team..🙏🙏🙏

  2. Crypto Crew is full of bullshit. Another newb in the youtube abyss. Despite the recent FEDs dovish language…they will raise aggressively interest rates this year! I have traded commodities for 25 yrs…this is the bottom in BTC. Buy now or regret!!!

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