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32 Comments on BLOCKCHAIN EXPLODES in 2019 (Bo Polny)

  1. No please pray I get my little money I am due 3000 for purchasing crypto I am ready and have studied and listened but have nothing to purchase with yet due to a bad boss cheating me. So frustrating I hear you Bo . GOD BLESS! It’s time!

  2. Im wondering if we will see a drop before a rise before January… seems like it just wants to take off …that 4400 area I think is the breaker to the rise

    You rock! Keep doing what you do best sir! Thank you for keeping us updated

    • we want to see 2000-2700 before we call a bottom

      he is saying it wil boom while everybody else is saying we need to let crypto rest for 1-2 years
      its going to be intresting cause he’s the only one calling a boom

    • I totally agree with your statement. We need a more solid bottom…however…i have a feeling…like a gut feeling…could always be wrong obv. But…feeling that the stock market is going to drop super low and crypto is going to continue rising while the stocks drop. Just a funny feeling … but we do need a more solid foundation (bottom) on btc.

    • i agree we need a stocks plunge to see a faster crypto recovery
      either way is good for me
      i have a buy order on 2700
      if it does not trigger i dont care
      i make plenty of money with my custom made trading bot (wish is making me a average of 80% a week in this market !)

  3. Pray for all that have been led astray by the old system. They will lose years of hard work. Be generous and kind. Use this opportunity to put Christ first!

  4. If you’re looking for a legitimate newsletter to put your hard earned dollars into, join Gold 20/20s Cryptocurrency Index. If you make good decisions with the information Bo provides, I have found it’s worth far more than the subscription cost. Everyone is the captain of their own financial ship but Bo’s report is indispensable in my analysis. There’s not much time left before this wealth transfer completes.

  5. The market down to 21700 points. Been trying to tell my friends to buy cryptocurrency BUT THEY DONT CARE. I dont think they see how bad this is…

    • what the hell is GBTC ?
      please buy your own crypto on coinbase
      you need to provide some identity before you can purchase
      then PLEASE transfer your crypto to your OWN private wallet (google private crypto wallet)
      now you are your own bank !
      you own your own money just by 2 simple keys you need to write down and lock up SAFELY

    • feel free to type this into your youtube search bar “not your keys not your bitcoin’ to learn more about keys and how ‘paper bitcoin’ fail the purpose of bitcoin

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