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  1. Great analysis bo, it seems your quite the devout believer Christian obviously. Please do not be offended. May god also bless you and your family.

  2. Thank you Bo, for taking the time to share so much, to help as many people as possible, in the lead up to the “Calm, before the Storm” that lays ahead.
    Good luck to you, your family, and all else, during the days ahead. God Bless.

  3. So is the market crash still expected to take place during Feb 2019 as mentioned in a previous video?? Thx for the video Bo.

    • +Nigel Worsley MY TAKE ON IT
      Is That We Are ALL Children of God. As Our Father, HE Wants Only Good Things For Us. HE Gave Us All A FREE WILL And HE Expects Us To Follow HIS 10 Commandments. Plain + Simple !? However When Man Chooses Not To Follow HIS Commandments But Rather Sins Against Them, Then God In HIS Mercy For Us Gives Us Warnings And Chances To Turn Back To HIM. God Does Have Infinite Divine Mercy Upon Us, But We Must Recognize Our Wrongdoings + If We Ask HIM For Forgiveness, HE Then Heals Us And Cleanses Our Immortal Soul. The World Has Been Warned Over + Over To Stop Sinning And Turn Back To HIM + HIS Commandments. He Asks Us To PRAY For An End To Sin As Well. But Again, Mankind Has Mostly Ignored HIS Requests And Sin Has Become So Bad That HE Now Has To Punish Those Who Mock HIM And Things Are At A Point Where HE Must “Cleanse The World” And Put An End To All Evil, As It Has Been Written In Holy Scripture, Plus We Are Given Warnings Through HIS Prophets, Both From The Past And Modern Day Prophets. And So We PRAY❗ 🙏 Blessings To You.

    • Carbon Lux……. I dont know much except what I have studied over the past few years. First Trump will win 2020 election as Phrophised. He will make America great again……. but only for a few years so the msg of Jesus Christ can be preached one last time from America to the World…… the Worlds last and most powerful Christian revival to save a billion??? ……. this was/is the real reason Trump has been placed into office……. he will be the last Christian President. He will also be the President to bring down Americas debt and preside over the destruction of the paper fiat currency…….. he will not make this happen but try the best he can to bring a softer landing when the financial crash happens……. there still will be pain and suffering…….. but WW3 wont happen from this…… Yet! ……. get sum silver brother while you still can. …… oh iam in Australia by the way.

    • Carbon Lux in relation to “The catching away”…. Rapture…….. iam still out on this or should say I keep studying…… as pre trib mid trib and post trib all put up good arguments. However I look at the Biblical story of Noah and Lot and his family…… God showed them mercy as they stayed true to His ways……. I refer to this then relate to the TRUE church of Christ, Christ is coming back for a spotless Bride Christian religion is not there yet…… I believe true Christian’s will be taken out mid trib 3.5 years into the trib.

  4. I really respect your analysis and videos but wondering what could be the trigger for this super plunge…no china deal? debt ceiling crisis?

  5. How will Gold and Silver break free from the derivative pricing scheme? the banks can an issue an unlimited amount of contracts to satiate demand. This is the big question. Also – the same thing is occurring with Bitcoin. BAKKT will allow another way to short Bitcoin.

    • Its highly unlikely the current banking system will survive another event like this , they almost did not make it in 2008 ! All exchanges will be shut temporarily which will possibly become permanent .

    • +Kevin Bailey I agree in such that certain commercial banks might be allowed to fail this time around but offered in its place will be an account at the central bank with their own CBDC. Depositors who lose funds will be ”rescued” by the central bank but will likely lose their ability to withdraw cash and will be forced to use the CBDC. You also have to consider that it is certain commercial member banks that actually own the central bank – so they wont all fail. In my opinion the only way the derivatove pricing scheme can fail is if there is a huge rush into Gold and Silver and everyone takes direct ownership of physical metal i.e nobody wants to own paper metal or have price ”exposure”.

  6. Hm. . . I am sitting at 25400 point on DOW and have a vary large stop loss I hope you have a right.Since we will have a crack and huge move downside I am gonna add more positions quickly.
    Thanks Bo for giving me a hope!

  7. Everything paper, comprehend? Paper gold , paper silver, will be worthless. The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. Why did J. P. Morgan say”gold is money everything else is credit?”why does cheese bank have over 100 million ounces of silver? They know something you don’t?

  8. Although these times are imimment it still breaks my heart to know lots of people will not be prepared. Much sadness will be everywhere. Thank you Bo for proving these very important messages!!! May God continue to bless you and everyone watching AND give wisdom to those who have the opportunity to share. Amen!!! 🙏

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