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46 Comments on 2019 GREATEST CRASH IN HUMAN HISTORY / 12K DOW? (Bo Polny)

    • It is our duty to help those from the masses, who despite all the warnings, were not in a financially strong position to take the necessary precautions of wealth preservation.

    • +Noel Correa Best comment. Not everyone is in the position, to work a plan up, due to being at the extreme edge of finances already, or being so brainwashed by misleading MSM, along the way, they really don’t have any idea of the ducks legs going bezerk under the water at the moment, so to speak!

  1. After being in crypto, I’m immune to crashes, LOL:) 80+ % bitcoin in one year makes the dow drop seems like child’s play

  2. 1 or 2 example does not necessarily mandate a trend

    Maybe but also maybe not

    What happened on the other 5 or so crashes this century

  3. fair value = DOW = 5000 ……….. GOLD = $186,000 per oz …… housing markets crashing from the bubble because the Chinese rich are getting hit from taking money out of China ……. auto sales crashing … terrible earnings reports will come in 1st quarter 2019 RECESSION … More QE will bring the quick death of the US petrodollar and massive Inflation to USA

    • can you briefly explain why you believe those figures for the Dow and Gold are fair value? am getting more and more interested in precious metals with lal this chaos in the markets

  4. Yes, I agree with Bo that the markets could crash 50+ %, however, food and water? Come on now. The FED will just reverse course and drop rates again pushing markets back up. We definitely will have a great crash but not for a few more years.

    • if people will not have food in or be homeless in february,, u get riots and people will be send to camps,, this would fit perfect to prevent total chaos when the crash will hit dont u think so?

    • Going to the grocery store may be dangerous if things are chaotic. Who knows how long it can last; chaos could briefly last or last long term.

    • The French are waking wake for another revolution . I hope they buy GOLD with the cash

      “Protesters plan to empty their bank accounts on Saturday, withdrawing as much money as possible in a bid to undermine the French banks – if not the euro itself…….“We are going to get our bread back…you’re making money with our dough, and we’re fed up,” “

    • Wow. A planned mass withdrawal? Interesting. I just heard another Italian bank is being taken over by administrators. We keep getting closer.

  5. Bo, have always had 3.), recently completed 1.) with some LTC and 2.)

    I pray for delay so that more may be saved!

    Unfortunately…can’t afford monthly subscription but am listening and acting on the info given, Thank You!

  6. Everybody is still convinced that the government shut down is over a wall. It’s not it’s bigger than that. The government just lost world Reserve currency status. The walls of distraction is an excuse to cut entitlements, Lay off federal workers. No one has noticed that this could have ended a long time ago. 5.7 billion is nothing to compared to the entitlements and tax returns, 5.7 billion is just an excuse to layoff 800,000 federal workers without telling them. The 48 million Americans that’s on EBT food stamps SNAP program this is much bigger than what we think it is. They are cutting everyone’s entitlements, slashing retirements food stamps and EBT will be eliminated permanently Taxes will never be paid back you’ll be paying taxes but there won’t be any returns ever. There will be riots in the streets and all the politicians will be in their bunkers enjoying themselves while we are out here running out of food not knowing where the next meal will come from. All hell’s going to break loose so buckle up it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

    • its a play all of it yes i believe,, and trump wasn’t he saved when he had financial problems? Now, I think satanic people helped him out back then but they would ask a big favour… becoming a president and a big patsy to take all blame to follow in USA,, everything they planned years ago,, plastic coffins, millions of them, 800 fema camps activated, walmarts closing turned into fema camps, long rails with millitary vehicles across usa which made many you tube videos,,, they knew what is coming,

    • Finally someone with a high level of pragmatic sense: who can see through all the ‘smoke and mirrors’ shows! Well stated: I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • I’m very worried and I don’t doubt what you are saying these are scary time but I put my trust in Jesus Christ not man.

    • If that ends up being the case, they better run to there bunkers quick, because if we catch them before hand, they are all fucking dead.

  7. #4. Have plenty of Beer and Playboys also for the crash!🤣😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂

  8. Thanks Bo for your service to the people. Unfortunately something has to force a change. All of our systems are broken – financial, health, education, food & agriculture, science, the list goes on…

    The potential in all of these areas for positive change is profound. Bring it on!!

  9. no matter what happens…keep Praising God for ALL Things & stay close as you can to Jesus, for He is the Way, Truth & Life…

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