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The Truth About PET CANCER Episode 1 Preview with Charlene & Ty Bollinger

We’re so excited for the premiere Episode of The Truth About PET Cancer! Just as a reminder, it starts TONIGHT at 9:00 Eastern 🙂 Go here to watch it:

In just a few minutes, we’ll dive deep into the pet cancer epidemic – and explore the reasons why we’re seeing so many animals diagnosed at alarming rates.

You’re going to discover all there is to know about how to keep your pets healthy, safe and cancer-free.

Some of the things you’re going to learn in this groundbreaking docu-series are pet cancer causes, how the pet food industry may be responsible for some of these health issues, and treatments and preventions.

We’re so excited to be able to share this information.

We have over 30 pet health experts ranging from world-renowned veterinary oncologists to holistic veterinarians ready to share their vast expertise in health with you.

If you haven’t had a chance to reserve your seat, click the link below and get ready for this truly amazing event.

This event is completely free to watch and we encourage you to share the link above with your friends and family so they too can experience everything this amazing series has to offer.

So, mark your calendar, set your alarm, and get ready to have your mind blown with the information you’re about to receive.

6 Comments on The Truth About PET CANCER Episode 1 Preview with Charlene & Ty Bollinger

  1. You are both great ,thanks for getting this out to the public
    i lost my cat Simba to cancer back in July 2015
    Last june i wa si have cancer also but i was silly i had radical surgery and as i know now it spreads once they open you now im high risk again as they didnt get it all

  2. So glad you’re taking on the pet cancer issue. some of these “pet food” companies think it’s ok to just dump any old crap into the mix. pets can’t communicate “that food is gross, it makes me feel like crap” you either get tired or poop all over. I tried to tell my buddy about feeding his dog natural real food like a dog would eat in the wild, but no, he chooses to deal with autoimmune and giving the dog steroids. like WTF?? breaks my heart. dogs they like to gnaw on a bone or a carcass, not some dried kibble the equivalent of lucky charms.

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