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Learn How to Turn Your Tap Water Into a Healing Elixir (Part 2) | Echo H2 | TTAC Webinar Replay #10

If you missed our most recent webinar, not to worry! Watch the replay right here. Ty, Charlene, and Paul Barattiero join us once again in this special live broadcast to answer some of your questions about water. To get caught up on past webinars, visit this link: [ ].

In this interview with Paul Barattiero, we discuss his remarkable new Echo Frequency Machine that creates a kind of “miracle” water that fights back against every type of chronic disease and ailment.

Did you know that hydrogen (when dissolved in water) has a beneficial effect on the gut? And that most of our immune system resides within the gut? Molecular hydrogen (aka H2 gas) has also been shown to have a positive effect on dementia, blood pressure, and neurological issues.

Paul will explain how H2 water is made, and its easy storage under the sink or even in your RV, PLUS you can still use reverse osmosis and distilled water with the Echo H2. Check out more on the Echo H2, here: [ ].

We should be able to produce 10-12 liters of hydrogen in our gut each day. With fiber-rich foods, probiotics, and a perfect gut – you could create this. But the reality is, we have so many chemicals and pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs in our bodies, that we are unable to combat that oxidative stress… and our guts pay the price. So, we need to get the hydrogen somehow. And we can do that with the Echo H2 machine.

Many have experienced a reduction in allergies, anxiety, stress, depression, and much more (over 700 studies show this!)

Want even more info? Join Ty, Charlene, and over 40 health experts this October for The Truth About Cancer LIVE this October! Sign up here: [ ]

7 Comments on Learn How to Turn Your Tap Water Into a Healing Elixir (Part 2) | Echo H2 | TTAC Webinar Replay #10

  1. The problem is, being ill & unable to work, I can’t afford food so.. only rich & healthy people that can work can afford healing.
    It hurts so bad that because of money I could never heal. Like I am not of worth in this world. It hurts so freeking bad.

    • Sure you can, I use to think the same thing but it comes down to priorities, it doesn’t really cost that much more especially when your eliminating the bad foods you done eat anymore, it’s definitely worth it, It can be over whelming but start gradually, it’s definitely worth it.

    • There are more natural ways to heal that are more powerful than these devices. Look into intuitive healers, and get a good guide for meditation. When followed and disciplined, some of these free methods for healing are the most powerful.

  2. My question would be Chromium, I have been trying to find something that removes Chromium and with no luck, it seems it’s not really listed when looking.

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