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Global Health News Episode #28 | CBD Oil & Cancer | Online Censorship | Cell Phone Radiation

Join Ty & Charlene Bollinger for episode #28 of Global Health News! If you missed the last episode, be sure to check it out here:

First, they cover a study that paired CBD oil with chemotherapy treatments. Watch the video to hear the results… PLUS more incredible news about CBD's effects on epilepsy.

Next, a college student is denied admission because he followed Alex Jones on Twitter. They'll dive deeper into the foundation of freedom of speech and the current suppression of information in the U.S.

Have you heard about the "vaccine queen" in China? Discover more about the recent arrest of Gao Junfang for poisoning a half a million children with faulty vaccines. We are happy to see the Chinese government holding all those involved accountable.

They'll share more about the dangerous role of corporations in government, censorship, and their role on the road to fascism.

Recently, a cancer link was confirmed in the largest ever cell tower radiation study. Hear more about 5G wireless service and the major public health concern it presents. They'll also list a few of the way you can protect yourself from this EMF radiation.

We'll wrap up with the latest on carotenoids and the health effects they have on hearing and the brain. We'll leave you with a list of foods filled with these powerful pigments.

Thank you for joining us each week for the quest for the truth! See the full list of GHN episodes here:

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  1. It also helps to adopt an Organic plant based diet. Most of what we think is food, is none other than poison. Avoid toxic Chemotherapy, do a full body detox and eat well.

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