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Episode 06 Preview – The Truth About PET Cancer

Here's a preview of Episode 6: Treatments & Preventions: Part 1 – Healing Herbs, Homeopathy & Other Proven Protocols which is starting tonight, April 9th at 9pm EST. Please consider owning your own copy of The Truth About PET Cancer:

The information provided here will blow your mind…

Here’s a quick preview of some of the highlights…

• Are essential oils safe for your pet? Should you diffuse or refuse? Experts weigh in.

• Could medical marijuana help your dog or cat? Surprising research revealed!

• #1 digestive supplement for pets. Researchers recommend taking this once-a-day if you can’t feed your fur baby a raw food diet.

• What your veterinarian doesn’t know about pet nutrition. Health expert reveals the real reason why homeopathy isn’t taught in vet school.

• Plus, SO much more!

Have you enjoyed the series so far?

If so, I’ve got great news for you. Today we’re giving you the opportunity to own this complete series – so you can watch it again whenever you want:

When you choose to own the Digital Package or Physical Package you help us to continue our research, interviews, and most importantly, you help us to continue sharing this life-saving information with the world – for free.

Please note that when you support our mission to END this devastating pet cancer epidemic, you’re supporting an organization that was built on a foundation of caring and giving.
Please consider owning your own copy of The Truth About PET Cancer.

Watch it again with your friends and family so they can learn about the treatment options and therapies to prevent and heal cancer in their beloved pets. Order the DVDs here today:

2 Comments on Episode 06 Preview – The Truth About PET Cancer

  1. I am concerned about my cat Michina’s heart murmur, but I am going to speak to the vet tomorrow about tests because my father does not believe in natural treatments nor holistic vets.

    • This is what I add as a moisture mix to Rusty’s food but he also gets water from the freeze dried so sometimes I wonder why I name it that haha.

      Take note his cough did not get better until I added the greens powder, he no longer coughs and he does appear to have more energy and prefers not to be held on walks, so that’s actually a very big change and all I did was add a greens powder that’s used for humans.

      The powder only contains that and nothing else. The other items are simply added to keep the body healthy but they didn’t help with his cough at all sadly, the oils are good for the heart and the food I feed is good for the heart and yet it did not help. Rusty is also a dog, but the greens powders are used for “pets” so both cats and dogs. I’ve also seen the other stuff given to cats, but that’s up to you and of course with your dad not believing could be problematic.

      Greens powder, spirulina, barley grass, wheatgrass, chlorella.
      Sweet paprika
      Natural animal solutions, oil pump, digestive powder.

      Fish is good for the heart because of the oils but fish can be high in toxins so it’s not recommended day in and day out.
      Venison was said to be good, but we’re running out of venison here, so that’s concerning me greatly.
      Stuff like Hawthorne and Ubiquinol and taurine are great, I don’t have these as there aren’t any dog versions available here.
      There’s probably others but this is what I remember the most.

      Good luck.

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