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Dictator Doctors, Adult Kidnapping, and Other Examples of Medical Tyranny (with Barbara Loe Fisher)

Join Barbara Loe Fisher as she goes through real experiences of medical tyranny against both children AND adults.

Are you worried about the possibility of vaccine mandates? Do you believe you have a choice to accept or refuse different types of medical care? Do you want to see vaccine safety testing with verified third parties that you know can be trusted? Do you have concerns that your medical rights aren’t protected?

In this video, Barbara recounts horrific attempts of medical kidnapping. Stories of adult individuals whose doctors attempted to literally force certain types of medical treatment on them. It sounds like something from a movie, but it is currently happening in the real world every day. Whether you are for or against vaccination, you have the right to make a choice! The ethics of informed consent are integral to a free society and must be protected by the law. Join Barbara here for even more information on medical tyranny: .

There is hope, you are not alone, and there are steps you can take to protect those you love. Follow this link to learn what you can do to join the fight for medical freedom: .
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About Barbara Loe Fisher
Barbara Loe Fisher is co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a non-profit charity she founded with parents of vaccine injured children in 1982 to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education. For the past four decades, she has led a national, grassroots movement and public information campaign to institute vaccine safety and informed consent protections in public health policies and laws. She has researched, analyzed and publicly articulated the science, policy, law, ethics and politics of vaccination to become one of the world’s leading non-medical, consumer advocacy experts on vaccination and human rights.
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11 Comments on Dictator Doctors, Adult Kidnapping, and Other Examples of Medical Tyranny (with Barbara Loe Fisher)

  1. IT is not just Vacs. I was in a local hospital last year for a Kidney stone, the Hospital read over my records, found I have 2 stints, a pacemaker. So next they made me get a Nuclear Heart stress test. Well they said it was borderline and wanted to fly me to a heart surgeon Hospital an hour away, to open my chest and have a look. I refused, then they would not release me until I talked to a heart surgeon which he showed up the next day at 6:30 PM. I said I am not willing to undergo any further tests or surgery and if I die, that it is up to me and my God.

  2. Not only do American doctors, mostly, completely suck at their jobs, they are now violating people’s basic rights as well as Medical ethical standards.

  3. These are stunning stories. I didn’t hear in the story how the medical “professionals” were informing the patients about all the details of the vaccine insert. I bet doctors don’t try to physically force vaccines on someone who looks like a professional MMA fighter. Do we all need to learn martial arts to protect ourselves from medical tyranny? Maybe this is why some politicians don’t want we-the-people to own and carry weapons.

  4. Barbara Fisher typifies when a mama gets angry over her child. Absolute soldier on a mission. My 12 year old daughter walked back a doctor who insisted she take a Gardasil jab. True story. She told the doctor, with video, about simultaneous mass convulsions of school girls in C. America immediately after receiving that jab. I couldn’t have been more proud of my child.

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