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Woman with Hepatitis C great results using Protocol 2000 – MMS Testimonials

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6 Comments on Woman with Hepatitis C great results using Protocol 2000 – MMS Testimonials

  1. ***** My cronic C number is 4 after mms treatment . My very close friend
    also cleared his. He took the shots two rounds too wasting him. Now fine !
    It also reversed my multipul systems atrophy autonomic nuerapothies after
    third round. I used the drops twice then the poolshock in capsules.Im so
    happy for you !!!!! I wish more people would try new things. Its hard to
    see people sitting helplessly dying when there is a real life saving

  2. hi my name is rafael I am pistive hpc..#2 how do you tray it what is the
    dosis Iwill like to tray it please let me know I hope you understand my
    english tank you 

    • Hola Rafael, yo también tengo hepa C genotipo 2. tenes un mail para saber
      como estas y si te trataste con MMS? gracias, salud!

  3. My friend has hep c type 3 and standard treatment failed for him because he
    left it too late and his liver is very bad.he has cirrhosis and LFTs were
    so high and his liver was in terrible shape and since mms his counts have
    halved and he feels so much better and that was just one month on mms so
    wow even the treatment did not give him a log drop like that so
    quick.unfortunately he had to stop mms because he is on a trial for his low
    testosterone which is nearly over and he will be going back on mms as soon
    as he can as it helped him soooo has also helped him with his other
    health probs like his diabetes ,neuropathy,brain fog,balance and stability
    when walking etc is much better on mms also he used to have problems with
    speech and he would have trouble getting words out and while on mms he
    stopped falling over all the time and his speech problems got better and
    better and ebv symptoms went away too whilst on it.he was a very sick man
    b4 mms so thank god for mms :)

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