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Treating Autism with MMS – Testimonial (8 of 10)

– A mom shares the story of her neurotypically developing baby, and takes us through his various sicknesses and his eventual regression. Approximately one year ago she began with the chlorine dioxide protocol, and the resulting gains in speech and reduction in repetitive behaviors.

To buy the book which details the entire Protocol; go to . If you need support healing your child on the spectrum we have a public forum on our website, and a CD Autism Facebook group as well.

Thank you for listening!

3 Comments on Treating Autism with MMS – Testimonial (8 of 10)

  1. formula, antibiotics and vaccines then foods produce lots of mucus – now
    he’s on the path to health! Good for you, finding the solution! :)

  2. Thanks for the testimony. Tough going. Great that you witnessed your child
    improve and become more sociable and safer. Getting picked up by the cops
    numerous times is less than ideal.

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