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Treating Autism with MMS – Testimonial (6 of 10)

– A mom of a daughter diagnosed with autism shares her story of giving up on Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Based treatments after not seeing the desired results, hearing about Kerri and chlorine dioxide and deciding to give a try. She is now hopeful for a full recovery.

To buy the book which details the entire Protocol; go to . If you need support healing your child on the spectrum we have a public forum on our website, and a CD Autism Facebook group as well.

Thank you for listening!

4 Comments on Treating Autism with MMS – Testimonial (6 of 10)

  1. I sure hope no autistic kid is under your authority. They would have to
    suffer needlessly just because you have decided you have it all figured
    out. Kerris protocol has recovered over 100 children to an ATEC score of 10
    points or less, in a mere two years time period.

  2. These trolls claiming autism is great are in direct conflict with their
    beloved CDC. The CDC regards autism as a disorder and advises that
    medications and ABA can help.

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