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Treating Autism with MMS – Testimonial (2 of 10)

– A Mom shares the emotional story of her daughter’s very complicated health issues, which began almost at birth. She tells of her daughter’s improvements since implementing chlorine dioxide, and how she is now slowly reducing her prescription medications with the help of chlorine dioxide and the Kalcker parasite protocol.

To buy the book which details the entire Protocol; go to . If you need support healing your child on the spectrum we have a public forum on our website, and a CD Autism Facebook group as well.

Thank you for listening!

25 Comments on Treating Autism with MMS – Testimonial (2 of 10)

  1. In 1999, the FDA concluded that “mercury should be removed immediately from
    all biological products”. The FDA asked vaccine manufacturers to leave
    thimerosal out. The CDC and the APA joined in the recommendation. In
    February of 2004, a study which was presented to the Institue of Medicine
    hearings concluded that, “mercury should be removed immediately from all
    biological products”. To this date, many vaccines still contain thimerosal.

  2. i’d beg to differ here. The pictures of the things coming our of our
    children (and yes we take pictures) are most assuredly parasitic. one
    simply does not have 32 inch long, round, smooth vegetable fibers in their

  3. That is very interesting. Perhaps both are occurring? I do know that
    Chelation therapy is working for many children with Autism. MMS is the only
    solution I know of that is anti-parasitit and chelates heavy metals, like
    mercury. Thank you for the info.

  4. seriously, come to our facebook group, CD Autism and youwill see plates and
    plates and plates of worms that we wash off in hot water after fishing out
    of the toilet. its mind boggling.

  5. Sue I cried with you!! I admire your strength, you are a warrior momma!!!!
    Wishing speed recovery and seizure free God bless Natalie!!!

  6. good job mom…..U R a caring individual……I hope U See..that everytime
    U go to MD’s…(drug pushers) your child gets a little worse…’s
    what also helped my kid….EDTA powder….it brings out heavy metals and
    toxins…..thru the urine….essential oils internally..also are the
    greatest…as in anti parasite…..fungal…viral…bacterial…..but
    yes…MMS is also good…so keep on to see what happens….but above all

  7. Yes Vaccines cause Autism. Or one of the causes Of Autism. If you don’t
    know, vaccine is a way to introduce a strain of a virus or bacteria to our
    bodies mainly the immune system and hopefully the immune system will
    recognize it and fight of more effectively . The problem is the many
    preservatives vaccine comes with heavy metal mercury bing one of them .
    Which are very Toxic for the human Body. Let alone for kids to fight of
    .The people causing the problem will never admit a problem .

  8. We Have a problem with the best and the brightest in the Medical and
    Science Community. In Which they find it so hard to simply admit, that we
    may have a problem with some that they created . Instead they blame it on
    our DNA and wash their Hands clean Of any wrong doing .

  9. You are a beautiful person and a WONDERFUl Mother! Thank you for sharing
    your story of not only HOPE, but TRUTH! God bless you and your little
    girl! Sending you a HUGE HUG from me and Christian!

  10. The flu shots are deadly. Want the flu, get the flu shot! You’re injecting
    yourself with a virus bypassing your natural defense system. Not to mention
    the nanites and cocktail of mercury and other lovely chemicals they put in
    these deadly vaccines. Forget not the Georgia Guidestones for those of you
    that are awake. These flu shots are all about soft kill population
    reduction. May the Lord bless Jim Humble and MMS, a silver bullet for those
    who wish to pursue life over death.

    • +suijuris dotme yeah my mom is always advocating getting the flu shot. i
      never will. i have 2 nieces.. i only wonder if my sister will get them
      vacinated. i worry for them. i see some importance in vacines.. but… its
      the “extra” stuff they put in them that bad..that’s what i think.

    • +suijuris dotme This could not be more wrong!

      History is very clear that since the introduction of flu vaccines, flu
      pandemics have become a thing of the past, whereas they used to be mass
      killers. Yet in parts of the world that are slow to get the vaccines
      particular to new strains of flu, like southeast Asia, the arrival of, say,
      avian flu still causes numerous deaths until the newest vaccines can be

      I get mine at my pharmacist’s or doctor’s office. I’ve never paid a cent
      for any of them. (Fortunately I’m not allergic to iodine or shellfish, so I
      never need the more complicated route to avoid them — an allergic reaction
      to the innoculation will NOT be pleasant.)

      I don’t know where you get the idea that the shot bypasses your defenses,
      that’s just simply not possible (your immune system covers your entire
      body: where could any intruder possibly be sequestered that it couldn’t
      reach???) , and in any case would defeat the purpose:

      This very small sample of the previously unseen virus (often inactivated)
      immediately stimulates your immune system (the T-cells I think, but I could
      be wrong) to create new antibodies specific to it. Just as they would if
      you actually caught the virus. The difference being when you catch the flu,
      you get a whole flood of the viruses, and your immune system has to
      struggle to catch up. Whereas as with this forewarning by a tiny sample,
      your immune system already has what it needs when the flood arrives, and
      attacks them without your ever noticing.

      Nanites? Not unless you’re getting your shots from the Borg. In which case
      flu is the least of your worries.

      Multiple-dose vaccines can get a small dose of thimerosal added to them to
      prevent any risk of biological contamination. “Can”, because it’s been
      reduced and now for most cases there’s the option of vaccine without
      thimerosal. The only qualms about thimerosal is that it decomposes in the
      body into products including the ethylmercury molecule. NOTE: NOT the bare
      mercury atom itself, and NOT methylmercury, which is the environmental
      pollutant which, for instance, is getting more concentrated in some of our
      favourite ocean fish.

      It has been proven that ethylmercury decomposes very fast in the body and
      gets rapidly eliminated. I think I’ve got a reference to the lead
      investigator’s name …

      Sorry to spoil the thrills of a good (or rather, vivid) conspiracy theory,
      but imagining that the medical community would actually go along with
      letting people be harmed deliberately is not just crazy but insulting.

    • +bacchus0300 the method of infection from flu is through the mouth and nose
      and your body has defenses built in to deal with it. Injecting directly
      into your blood is unnatural and DOES BYPASS your bodies strategies which
      focus on mouth nose and possible eye introduction. Thimerosol is about 50%
      mercury by weigh but the name is changed to hide the fact from the people.
      I smell a big pharma shill..most vaccines do more harm than good and if you
      strech out the graphs of diseases over the years the ones whose reduction
      is attributed to vaccines were already in decline before the vaccine was
      introduced, do to electricity and indoor heating, plumbing and sanitation
      and cleanliness as well as access to food easily from grocery stores, etc.
      Saying vaccines is the cause of decline of diseases is uninformed and

  11. I admire the people with so much strength not to go insane while
    researching and battling with the docs and with own minds whether to try
    this method or the other… I think one of the best things you can do (and
    not the easiest I may add) is to find a doc that is willing to work with
    you. That’s where you can share your own discoveries and he shares his own
    experiences and you both work passionatelly toward that common goal.

  12. thank you so much to share your experience. It certainly gives hope to us,
    our son is so sick and I want so much to help my son.

  13. Most all doctors will burn in hell…and I can’t wait the sooner these evil
    doctors burn the beter.

    • Doctors are not out to get you! Don’t trust doctors? Don’t go to them!
      Let’s see how long before you beg a doctor to treat your child when your
      child has a ruptured appendix. If the doctors were half as evil you
      describe them, they would tell you to go back to your miracle cures instead
      of real world ones, and would not treat your child.

    • +RainbowEagle IN historical records there have been a few prolonged doctors
      strikes. Death rates drop dramatically when the doctors stop working. It
      doesn’t matter if they are intentionally out to get you or not. They are
      part of a corrupt system with puppet masters with agenda’s pulling the
      strings. If you can’t understand it’s because you haven’t done the research
      or can’t handle the truth.

  14. So said how many people believe anything just to make their lives easier.
    This is not to make your child better its to make your life better so you
    won’t struggle with a child who is wonderful in their own way. You can pray
    for us none believers and we will pray for you when you realise its wrong
    and the guilt of putting your child thru pain will eat you up. I hope many
    of this parents have tried it on themselves before doing this.

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