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Treating Autism with MMS – Testimonial (1 of 10)

– A Mom tells the story of her son who regressed into autism, and takes us through the effects of the different biomedical interventions she applied for her son. She began using chlorine dioxide December of 2012, and as of this taping he has an ATEC score of 9.

To buy the book which details the entire Protocol; go to . If you need support healing your child on the spectrum we have a public forum on our website, and a CD Autism Facebook group as well.

Thank you for listening!

14 Comments on Treating Autism with MMS – Testimonial (1 of 10)

  1. “He like. Like. Like. He like. Like. He didn’t like sleep for 2 years.
    Like, I didn’t sleep for 4 months. Like I’m not going to wait like 6
    months.” Poorly spoken and exaggerating.

  2. no doubt…sudden unexplainable changes….had to be from vaccine…..check
    his vaccine dates/records….U will see the puzzle fit….and the sudden
    suppression of thyroid…from….fluoride & soy foods…

  3. Absolutely amazing. Anyone know if she actually saw the parasites and
    photographed as others have done? I know she mentioned it briefly.

    • +blasko229 That’s by professionals, that know what dose to use. It also
      breaks down after x amount of time, drinking it straight is a bad idea. It
      can cause severe breathing problems and damage vital organs and brain
      damage due to it destroying oxygen molecules. It can also cause
      debilitating damage to your DNA. Autism is a mental illness and can not be
      cured by a physical medication, anyone that thinks otherwise is a complete
      moron. Anyone that gives their kids this should be jailed for child
      endangerment. Long term, it’s very very bad.

    • Can buy personal use tablets on Amazon. You can overdose from any substance
      of course, but side effects are the norm for name brand medications, but we
      don’t seem to mind that. The examples I’ve seen are to take very small
      amounts, only a few drops per day to start which is a smart and cautious
      approach. I think more and more its thought of as a brain-gut connection
      which is why very strict diets are so effective as well, and its proposed
      that this is some kind of negative gut bacteria or even a parasite. Its
      also possible there are even multiple causes of autism, a permanent brain
      issue and a controllable gut issue. Insulting other people who don’t agree
      with you undermines your arguments as it demonstrates you’re coming from a
      fearful place instead of the middle ground. A treatment may have positives
      and negatives but you’re purely focused on the latter when all the
      testimonials I’ve read and watched have been overwhelmingly the former.

    • +blasko229 It’s a well-known scam. A physical medicine does not cure a
      mental illness. It’s that simple. If you can’t understand that, there’s
      something wrong with you.

  4. You did a great job ! Very happy for you and your son. Wish this was main
    stream instead of hard to find. 

  5. Im following the protocol… with one week of use my son spoke for the
    first time in 4 years!!! in just one week!!!! and a lot of great changes!
    is not just the mms… no more milk… no more gluten and get rid of heavy

  6. something similar happened with my son my #2 son when he had his mmr he
    could not eat and hold any food down at all and we put him on iv drip feed
    because he couldn’t hold down any solid food and my ex was still breast
    feeding and that was the only thing he could hold down. Well we got through
    that and he is currently 27 years of age and he is slightly Autistic has
    Asperger’s, but I am convinced that the mmr caused the Autism – anyway I am
    a big believer in MMS I have tried it for years and not had any negative
    results that I know of.

    • When citric acid or other food acid is used to “activate” MMS as described
      in its instructions, the mixture produces an aqueous solution containing
      chlorine dioxide, a toxin and a potent oxidizing agent used in the
      treatment of water and in bleaching. You may not see the effects, but you
      are hurting him.

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