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Stomach and Peritoneal cancer cured with MMS, Testimony – TV Channel

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On the 22nd of July 2014 the Mega television channel interviewed an MMS patient who had Stomach cancer and did and interview with another who had Peritoneal Cancer. Also the Doctor Rodolfo who talks about MMS. The Genesis II Church will be holding a seminar in Chile in Oct. Contact Angelica Acosta: or Joseph Grenon. Check out their website…

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  1. Whoever wants to find out more about MMS, the Genesis II Church Sacramental
    Protocols and how to use them contact us at
    We are holding seminars worldwide and even have an online video course to
    train people about how to use MMS and the Genesis II Church Protocols
    correctly and safely. See: for more information. Check
    out our series of newsletters called, “Restoring Health” which covers 12
    common diseases with video testimonies at We are changing the
    world by the 1000’s!
    Archbishop Mark Grenon

  2. I’ve been following this for years and am so happy to see it get credit on
    television. Jim Humble has waited a long time for the recognition he
    deserves. Congratulations!!

  3. Srta. No alta información, si usted realiza un búsqueda en Google
    encontrará miles de documentos de diferentes estudios, principalmente para
    el uso de potabilización del agua.

    • +Carmen Peralta No es caro. El chemo es caro -y the matara

      POr cien dolares se puede curar a cientos seres humanos

  4. Felicitades los Chilenos

    It seems that your media is not yet controlled by the criminal elite that
    control the US/UK/EU media.

    This would never be allowed in north America or Europe

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