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Recovering Chronic Illness with MMS, CDS & Parasite Protocol

Michael Harrah’s MMS, CDS & Parasite Protocol Testimonial

Michael had numerous chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, severe gut pain and digestive dysfunction, multiple chemical sensitivity, lifelong seasonal respiratory infections, allergies, bronchitis and asthma that are in remission from 60%-100%. This testimonial ranges over a 17 year period which included Gerson juicing therapy, diet therapies and MMS from original protocol through more recent developments.
More attention is given to progress over the last 2 years and the lessons learned while overcoming various obstacles encountered in trying to use MMS, especially nausea and the herxing.
Protocol 1000 was halted by nausea. Addition of DMSO in protocol 1000+ gave a breakthrough by eliminating nausea. CDS in the early days was another breakthrough for lung congestion, and finally the Kerri Rivera protocols have resulted in the greatest improvements. Kerri Rivera’s Baby Bottle method for taking oral MMS or CDS and her autism version of the Kalcker parasite protocol are resulting in continuing significant improvement with full recovery on the horizon.
Michael also discusses his involvement in the early days of online MMS support groups and CDS developments. These groups include the Yahoo groups, the Genesis 2 Forum and now the more recent CD Autism Community Forum and Facebook groups devoted to Kerri Rivera’s protocols. Recent developments in CDS generating and use of HCl as an alternative activator are discussed.
Here are links to more information and support groups where Michael moderates.

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    • Hi +Forensource – I hope you’re doing well 🙂

      I notice that you wrote the following and then deleted it:

      ” No you get beyond your silly bullshit.
      The American Cancer Society reported that “[t]here is no reliable
      scientific evidence that Gerson therapy is effective in treating cancer,
      and the principles behind it are not widely accepted by the medical
      community. It is not approved for use in the United States”

      I just wanted to say LOL at quoting the American Caner Society.

      Seriously +Forensource – the idea of quoting the ACS as a credible critic
      of alternative therapies is LOL funny. I’m sure that’s why you deleted your

    • +inspirednow2 ..what is pathogens ???..iguess some toxic crapp….. ilik ……. …

  1. I really appreciate the videos, but they constantly use acronyms. I’ve
    found I’ve listened for hours and still don’t know what the product is. 

    • +jack cogburn ……what umean ??…it is MMS …but marijuana oil works
      well also…igrow this herb……it not 4bidden in the BIBLE…that means
      no one can stop us, we have the ok fr our maker…learn to countercharge…

    • +Phillip Unrau The bible?? That’s a bunch of ancient mythology. Hardly a
      guide book as is filled with violence.

  2. #multi-chemical allergies are real. Just say heck #no to #allcontrastdyes.
    Don’t let any doctor convince u to take any #xraydye Yes I have watched
    3people #turngreen and died a #slowpainfuldeath from #contrastdye. If
    #contrastdye don’t mess u up #thefirsttime it will #later WE pay
    doctors,,,we are in control of our bodies. Always take a #familymember with
    u to #doctorsoffice

    • +Cheriekuykendall Keith
      There is no nee to go to doctors. Unless somebody wants to die in a slow
      painful death. God bless people like Jim Humble!!!!!!!

    • +John Martell
      In fact do work !
      Yes , kill all bugs !
      I useit for 15 years or more , and I just had a bath with 150 drops. I
      never get any disease; not even a common cold.


  4. Can someone help me with a written reciepe of CDS? I’m confused between the
    difference of CDS & MMS. Please help! my daughter and mom has severe gut
    problems, that is affecting many more areas of her body. Where can I go for
    this? I also need a parasite protocol. I have 3 tumors in my breast and i’m
    also looking for natural ways to heal my body. Can I get the group’s email
    address? if there is one.

  5. thank you for the video and all the info. I’m just wondering what is the
    drug you used for eliminating the parasites? Thank you!

  6. I take MMS daily and haven’t had a cold or flu since I started taking it
    over 3 years ago. In fact, my whole family takes it and they haven’t got
    sick either. I’m sure doctors hate this stuff because it prevents disease
    and cures ailments. It truly does put the Tasmanian devil into your immune
    system. MMS works great!

    • +freesf ftrefv Yes, care of mainly Gallo, the tests are scam. I know a gay
      guy who tested positive while he had a flu. He tested negative afterwards.
      He has a long term steady partner and is not a “fast track” unhealthy gay
      man with lots of partners and infections.

  7. Amen! I prayed and God helped me. He told me everything to do. God is
    goooooood! I started with Gerson too!

  8. Thank you for sharing. You have given hope to so many people who are having
    chronic health problems. It’s a shame that a lot of doctors perceive people
    with chronic health problems as hypochondriacs and ignore them . But as you
    say, we’re on our own and that is the joy of the alternative health
    movement. there is a way to get better! Thank God for the Internet, too.
    And thank God for Jim humble .

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