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MMS Testimony – NEW STUDY – Malaria cured in 2 hours!

Here is a NEW STUDY done recently in Uganda proving again Malaria is Cured and “they” don’t want the TRUTH out! Watch also: Lord bless, Bishop Mark

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  1. Here is a new study that our Bishop in Uganda just sent in from Uganda! Health restored from HIV, Cancer and many other illnesses are being recorded also in another documentary coming soon!
    Pray for all the people involved in this Health Recovery Revolution!
    If anyone needs help with ANY DIS-EASE of the body, please contact us at: Listen to us on G2Voice Channel on YouTube. Lord bless, Bishop Mark – Co-Founder Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

  2. Be very careful, the reason they’ve not went mainstream about it, is big pharma shuts it down with threats on their lives, and/or prison. Be very careful, I fear for your safety. But I am thankful for your work, just try to reach the people, don’t reach out to the medical community, they stand to lose their business altogether to something that can cure all disease.

  3. Luke 8:17
    Matthew 10:26
    I pray covering and blessings over all of you who are helping our precious children. In the name of Yahushua I ask it…Let it BE. 💕

  4. May I ask if MMS would be advisable to use in cases of cirrhosis of the liver? Would it help heal the liver or rather put too much extra burden on it?
    Thank you.

    • It seems based on other testimonials that it can help. But whatever caused the cirrhosis can be helped also. Trying it is the first the portion that is recommended

    • +MMStestimonials I will take it slow. My skin color is just pale with black circles under my eyes. And my urine rather dark, though I try to drink at least 1,5 listers of water a day.
      My liver was badly damaged due to pharmaceutical drugs I took 15 years ago. And I also have chronic Lyme since 23 years.
      So ‘ I’m pretty ill. I wasn’t sure if mms could be taken with a bad liver, but I’ll try.
      Thank you.

  5. 18 drops at once is a heavy dose. Be aware that normally you would not take it in this strength for other conditions.

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