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MMS ON TRIAL ~ A Message from Jim Humble


Hello, I’m Jim Humble. I’m the guy who discovered MMS, a mineral solution that I’m proud to say has saved thousands of lives.

We have a friend who urgently needs our help. His name is Daniel. Although no one has ever been hurt, the FDA has been trying for 5 years to put Daniel in prison for selling MMS.

Daniel Smith is going to trial in less than 90 days. But there is also an additional problem. This trial is also putting MMS on trial for the first time, and we want to make it the last time.

(Over 5 million malaria deaths since 2010. The answer costs less than 5 cents.)

I hope you understand that this fight is our fight. It is the fight of thousands of us who use MMS and of course people who may want to use MMS in the future.

Daniel is standing up for his family and for MMS and really for all MMS users. If Daniel loses, he faces up to 37 years in prison…can you imagine – 37 years for selling something that makes people well?

Let me say about Daniel that he is an amazing guy. He could have left the US any time during the past 5 years but he chose to remain here and fight for his family and for all MMS users.

If the FDA should win, they will use this case to arrest and try other MMS sellers like Daniel. Judging from the FDA’s past record, should they win a conviction, many people may go to prison because of this case. None of us are safe.

Worse yet, the more convictions the FDA gets for minerals and herbs, the more we the people will be limited to using pharmaceutical drugs.

There is also the fact that all housewives and guys now using MMS may not be able to get MMS any more.

Again I say, Daniel’s fight is for all of us. We have to stop them in their tracks now.

We need to raise a lot of money for Daniel’s defense, and we have only a few days to do it. We have some really good people lined up to help Daniel but it will cost a lot of money to bring them in.

If Daniel loses, we all lose. If Daniel wins, we all win. The FDA knows this well.

I don’t ask for your help very often, but MMS is under attack and Daniel needs our help. And so I am asking now: please everyone, give whatever you can to Daniel’s MMS Defense Fund today because it is really the defense fund for all of us who uses MMS.

The donation site is:


Let the FDA know there are tens of thousands to fight for Daniel and for MMS. Tell them to stay out of our homes and out of our lives and to leave Daniel and his family alone.

I thank you in advance for your participation.

Thank you. ~ Jim Humble

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