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19 Comments on Mark – MRSA Cure with MMS (Staph infection) – MMS Testimonial

  1. I am not claiming that MMS works every time. When we hear about people with
    MRSA using MMS, we always hear them getting well after use, but I never
    said MMS works / cure MRSA every time. We have not heard of a time where
    MMS did not work for MRSA, but all I said was that MRSA can always be
    effectively “treated” with MMS, because of how chlorine dioxide works. Are
    you at all familiar with what MMS is and how it works? Please read “Basic
    Science” .doc at jimhumble dat biz. Thank you for watching!

  2. what mixture of drops did he use to cure his MRSA infection? i’m currently
    using 3 drops of MMS and 3 drops of Citric acid for 8 hours. is this fine?
    or should i go higher? I’ve been using MMS for almost two weeks now. i’m
    seeing improvement, getting still a few little staph outbreaks. but not as
    bad. should i keep doing what im doing? or go higher dosage

  3. i might have mrsa and going to doc today. so i would apppreciate an
    immediate response if at all possible. i have a bottle of MMS. I bought it
    2 years ago for something else and didn’t use it. I’m gonna take some and
    still go to doc for a diagnosis and make decisions from there. My question
    is it good to use the MMS topically, on the wound itself, and if so in what
    concentration? thanks.. Michelle

  4. I have mrsa and have been struggling with it for over 2 years now.. I have
    taken multiple doses of meds. Nothing had worked… I have had a countless
    number of sores and they have continued to get worse and worse.. I am tired
    of hurting and fearing for my life.. The doctors can’t cure it but maybe
    with your help, I can

  5. yes, 3 drops 8 times a day is what the son of the man in the video said
    worked for him.. so it should work for you as well

  6. if it works for the st……..that is wonderful, for even with my limited
    biological and medical knowledge, I know these type of things are very
    dangerous this is amazing

  7. @stilguilty the doc did his diagnosis, confirmed it was staph and tried to
    use all of those fine sounding and expensive antibiotics on me, I bought
    them, to apease him, but I never used them and did MMS protocols instead; I
    was rid of it in about 10 days. This was in 2008, I’ve never had a relapse.
    My mother-in-law, whom I love dearly, did all that docs told her, including
    operations and she’s still not well, she can’t barely walk, still is on
    antibiotics, and it looks like it may kill her. Try as I may I cannot
    convince her to try MMS because of what the trolls have posted online about
    MMS. In my book, her great suffering is on their hands. 

  8. On week three of using MMS (protocol 1000) to treat staph infection (MRSA)
    and it hasn’t helped even slightly.

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  10. I’m currently taking mms for roughly 2 weeks already on protocol 1000. 8
    hours religiously. I contracted staph doing Martial arts, went to the Dr
    and gave me bactrim antibiotics for 10 days, it helped but then returned a
    bit. bought mms, on second week, i feel more energy now, and I’m also using
    a spray every hour for 8 hours along with my 8 hours daily dosage. I’m very
    happy so far because the staph outbreaks are now scars, my immune system is
    getting stronger too.

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