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Malaria Cured in Hours – Red Cross Study Uganda 2012: What They Don’t Want You To Know

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24 Comments on Malaria Cured in Hours – Red Cross Study Uganda 2012: What They Don’t Want You To Know

  1. If you would not have failed both your English and Chemistry classes, you’d
    have caught on that I was saying that ClO2 is toxic if it’s administered in
    high enough doses to actually have effect. If it’s used as in this study-
    one drop in the water supply – it does nothing. At all. The recommended
    dosage for “MMS” is below bioactive concentration, which just makes the
    Dishonorable Jim Humble is a snakeoil salesman. Also, there have been
    several deaths. Look up “vanatu mms death” for instance.

  2. Again, your reading comprehension proves subpar. It means that the “study”
    was conducted without their approval, and the MMS campaigners are citing
    Red Cross support for the endeavor without, y’know, asking the Red Cross if
    it’s okay to do so. Which is kinda illegal, but not criminal, which would
    mean a civil trial. I’m sure the URCS has better things to do than waste
    money with trials against quack doctors.

  3. Thank you for sharing with the world your attention span abilities. Had you
    paid attention to what was said in this video, you would see that the dose
    they gave to adults were in fact 18 drops of activated MMS diluted in a
    glass of water. That seems a safety procedure in order to make sure most
    subjects were cured in time, I am sure. The standard protocol for malaria
    has always been 15 drops of activated MMS diluted in a glass of water. You
    have no idea what the recommended dose is.

  4. I did look up vanatu death. You mean the sailors wife that took two drops
    of activated MMS. Well, if you had the ability to do proper research of
    your own you would know that it became clear in the autopsy (that was held
    back for and forcibly released a year later) that MMS had absolutely
    nothing to do with her death. That is why you have not heard anything about
    it since. Had her death been confirmed to be a result of taking MMS then
    rest assured the FDA would be all over it. Yet it was not.

  5. It is kinda.. You know like obvious as to one thing. We have to like agree
    to disagree. y’know, I just read it differently from you. The Red Cross is
    NOT denying taking part in this study and they are not denying anything at
    all besides the information getting out to the public. They deny MMS or
    Miracle Solution, yet in the study they never referrered to MMS as MMS –
    they referred to it as Water Purification. Also, why is Klaas Proesmans of
    the Red Cross depicted with Leo that did the video?

  6. Great video, and great wrap up!! My elderly mother was recently suffering
    from a UTI (urinary tract infection). I checked out the protocol on line,
    and it took a few days of MMS (using Pepsi as drink to mask the taste) to
    get her back in shape. She normally would have had to take a course of
    strong antibiotics to cure these troublesome infections. Thanks, Jim
    Humble, and thanks for the suggestion that Pepsi can be used to serve up

  7. I recently contacted the Red Cross H.Q. Their reply:- The International
    Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) dissociates
    itself in the strongest terms from the content of the recent Master Mineral
    Solution newsletter (May 2013) entitled “Malaria finally defeated” and
    supporting YouTube video. IFRC does not support or endorse in any manner
    the claims made in relation to this project, and has at no time been
    involved in ‘clinical trials’ related to malaria treatment.

  8. watch?v=FrwZN1cPfX8&lc might be of interest to you. It was released today.
    The very latest news on this issue, depicting Klaas Proesmans of the The
    Water Treatment Reference Center doing an interview, discussing MMS,
    looking at the Malaria negative tests and lots of other great scenes which
    makes denying that the study took place at all absolutely impossible for
    the deceivers at the Red Cross.

  9. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Research the communist connection
    between the Arkansas governor Clinton and the communist Russian running the
    Canadian Red Cross during the intentional use of Clinton’s prison
    population Hep a,b,c/HIV AIDS blood here in Canada. Careful research, and
    the Krever Report will get you going on this. Locate the televised Tainted
    Blood/Red Cross Hearing. Watch all of that content.

  10. please sign the petiton on AVAAZ dot org secure.avaaz. DOT
    share/ remove spaces ad replace dots 🙂

  11. h t t p s

  12. And those antibiotics would only have to be taken for a few days. I had it
    to, only took me four days of antibiotics to fix it. And they aren’t strong
    antibiotics. You could cure it by drinking a lot of cranberry juice a day,
    the cephalexin pills (the most generic antibiotic, really not that
    “strong”) aren’t that bad at all and are really effective.

  13. I want to believe this as I am a recent victim of malaria but I see no
    proof of any one being healed. Just some documents which shows no medical
    proof at all. Have to try a lot harder before people will believe you.
    Until then its only your word. Also no interviews with these so called Dr’s
    that were astounded with the results. In essence its just someone holding a
    camera walking around in a clinic.

  14. (Click Read more) A note of this event was attempted added to the MMS
    article on Wikipedia by user “Purpl9”. It got removed instantanously due to, apparantly being a “batshit-crazy” and “unreliable”
    source. Look at the history page:
    and the abuse that is taking place. Why? This is why:

    For those Wikipedia-savy, this is precicely what was attempted added to the
    MMS article titled “Miracle Mineral Supplement” on Wikipedia:

    The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
    strongly dissociate themselves from a water purification study that took
    place in Uganda of 2012 where Sodium chlorite 22.4% was used. In the study
    it was concluded that all 154 cases testing positive for Malaria out of the
    800 cases tested in total, tested negative after being given the solution
    in its activated form. {{cite press release |publisher=
    [[International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies]] |date=
    May 15, 2013 |title= IFRC strongly dissociates from the claim of a
    ‘miracle’ solution to defeat malaria |url=
    |accessdate= October 25, 2014 }}
    {{cite press release
    |publisher= [[Natural News]] |date= July 29, 2013 |title= Proof: MMS cures
    malaria, despite Red Cross cover-up |url=
    |accessdate= October 25, 2014 }}

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