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Make an MMS Testimonial Video and Inspire others

– – Have you had success with MMS? Please consider making an MMS Testimonial Video and share it with – and we will be happy to add it to our MMS Testimonials channel. By making your own video testimonial about your experience with MMS for the malady or maladies you were dealing with, you are helping others in the same situation that you yourself were in. As a result those people after seeing your video testimonial, might get inspired to try MMS for themselves, and help themselves or their loved ones. Thank you for helping others by sharing your experience with MMS.

2 Comments on Make an MMS Testimonial Video and Inspire others

  1. I agree, MMS has helped heal me from a bacteria infection. I would like the
    Genesis II Church formally opt out from this Obamacare ( ACA ) by charter
    and I would like to know if other church members would also vote to
    “exempt” the Genesis II Church members from this government controlled
    health care ponzy scheme system that only promotes big pharma? Please wake
    up before it is too late! We are responsible for our own healthcare, not
    big government. Honestly we cannot let big government takeover, look at the
    VA and the veterans healthcare system that still have to wait and wait
    forever, just to even get in to see a doctor for their ills.

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