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Lymphoma, Liver Failure, 3 Dogs – MMS Testimony

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15 Comments on Lymphoma, Liver Failure, 3 Dogs – MMS Testimony

  1. I wanted to give my dog my MMS but I am unsure about how much to give her.
    She had liver failure before and is loosing weight and acting strange again
    as though she has no get up and go. Last time I gave her milk thistle
    because she was not responding to the meds the vet kept giving her. I read
    that former alcoholics took milk thistle to restore damaged liver. She has
    no yellow jaundice like she did before so I am thinking she may have
    cancer. She just had a small fatty lump appear on her side. I no longer
    have faith in vets as it’s all about the money. Can anyone tell me how much
    to give her. She is 50 pounds. 

    • I’m fairly new to MMS myself but I understand that you proportionate the
      dosage according to weight. So if your pet is an eighth the weight of an
      average human you would give one eighth of the drops per dose that a human
      would take. I think the main message too, as I’ve done with my cat, is to
      start low and just monitor his comfort level as you increase the dose.

  2. La misma insistencia que ponen ustedes con la utilidad del MMS es la que
    pongo yo para que subtitulen los videos al español. Gracias.

  3. How do I get the MMS? My dog is in the hospital due to elevated liver
    She has not eaten or drank anything for 2 days 🙁 She is 2 years old and
    weighs 10 lbs.
    Please help!
    I can’t lose her, she is my gift. A scared dog that was abandoned in front
    of my shop. Took us a week to gain her trust, she is now my little angel. I
    don’t know what I would do if she passed away.

    • +deanna morris sorry to have read about your dog and how she got liver
      problems. I wondered if she ever was healed and how she is doing. If you
      used MMS i would like to know how things went. I pray all is well with
      you.. Hugs

  4. I have a friend that has a dog that was just diagnosed with cancer. It is a
    medium to big size dog (can´t remember what race). She wants to use MMS to
    the dog but do not know how much to give, how to give it, or how long to do
    it? Can someone please help with information. <3

  5. To get the audio book go to on how to use MMS for
    your health. Now you can take control of your health with Jim’s audio book,
    the number one expert on MMS. This helps 85 % of the cases who try it. and
    some cases unknown why it doesn’t work. 85% is high enough to give it a

  6. We have a dog that is 3 lbs, 12 years old, we think shy might have cancer
    in the mouth area, no money for vet. Can any point us for proper dosages?

    • +Steve Jones How is you dog?
      My dog has mammary lumps and I am amazed how I gave her spraying on her
      tumor topically for two days and one of the tumors busted opened and it is
      now almost completed healed. I stopped the topical because i didn’t want
      this happening again. She was licking it. But i didn’t stop her. IT is
      healing great. We are dosing her 3 drops 8x a day. She is about 20 lbs. I
      listened to Jim talk in one of the videos and he commented of how that dogs
      are not effected by MMS as humans. They can handle it more than we can
      even. Our dog Gabby started getting looser bowels so my husband slacked off
      one day and then began back to two drop dose. We are going to continue it
      and see how it goes.. Now after listening to this.. I am sure going to keep
      it going. Our dog Gabby is 12 soon to be 13 and has several lumps. She was
      starting to lay around and sleep all the time because of her age/ lumps
      Cancer? The vet said she wouldn’t survive the surgery. The lumps over the
      last year have grown much larger. When the lump burst open my husband
      became more eager to help me with dosing her. So now she is getting back to
      her spunky self walking around jumping up for treats and wagging her tail
      and seems to see better too. Her cataracts are going away! All in about 5
      days time!

  7. She is doing well. it was my fault due to feeding her people food when we
    were traveling. felt so bad that I caused her illness. it was a stupid
    thing on my part.
    Abbey is my little gift :)

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