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11 Comments on Lung Cancer – MMS Testimonial

    • Proof? please feel free to demonstrate the “proof” that this product does
      what it claims. Proof is not anecdotal evidence or testimonials.

    • people can say whatever the want and go get Chemotherapy like 99% of the US
      population. Or do this and do your own testimony. Like I said my dad did it
      and he no longer has the cancer diagnosed to him. It is up to you to
      believe that this detoxer works fir you. And also a strict Alkaline diet.
      Cancer cells only live on Acidic environments. Good luck!

    • +Lily Lovely​ he made CDS drops and also MMS . email him he will tell you what he did. Big part of it is
      eliminating all acidic food from your diet, and drinking alkaline food and
      water. Measuring your PH until is Alkaline too.

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  2. Do not trust the corporate healthcare sector which is perfectly designed to
    create trust and profit using your illness or producing and keeping it.

  3. Sadly.nothing work for all friend of mine did cannabis oil and juicing and
    mms together and died .
    I m now tryin 

  4. Dont always believe what you hear ,these are total last resort treatments.
    This is not a cure all ! So please be careful and make the right decisions

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