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4 Comments on Liposarcoma, Sinusitis, Diabetic, Colon Cancer – MMS Testimonials

  1. Yey more testimonials 🙂 I love watching these vids of ppl gettin well from
    mms 🙂
    Please anyone who has used mms please give your testimony cos it helps
    others decide to take it and we see its helping so many ppl so it helps
    spread the word that this stuff is great and really is a miracle.i will do
    a testimony when you come to Australia too!

  2. Hi. I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis for a long time. It is now
    affecting my throat, lungs and my ears are permanently swollen up. I am
    going to start taking MMS and was wondering if you could tell me which is
    the best way to take it (dose) to cure my sinusitis. Thank you very much.

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