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21 Comments on Jonathan – Cured MRSA with MMS ( Staph infection cure ) MMS1 Testimonial

  1. Hi, did you try it and did it work? Ive been trying it but its a bit
    suspect not sure if its a good thing or not.

  2. well i started then felt like you have, that it wasn’t the best thing to
    do. didn’t feel right, like drinking bleach, and doing other damage in the
    stomach. apparently food grade peroxide in very small increments is better.
    but anyway what puts you off it?

  3. well ive been doing it for the last five days but now my left kidney hurts,
    the bad smell and also it not being crystal clear as safe is what puts me
    off now my kidney hurts a bit. Think i will stop for a while and eat
    probiotics, also think i have leaky gut and adrenal fatigue so i will work
    on those then maybe come back with the mms. I just hope the mms doesnt kill
    the beneficial bacteria that im spend money on to recolonize my digestive

  4. Please take a look at the MMS MRSA/Staph protocol in the video description
    or find it at

  5. For those of you who “don’t feel right,” you may be releasing toxins,
    having a herxheimer reaction. That’s what MMS does. It gets rid of all
    kinds of bad junk in your body. You may want to cut back on the dosage and
    gradually build up to 3-drop dosages. It smells like bleach, but it is NOT
    bleach. Thousands (maybe millions) of people have cured themselves of a
    huge variety of diseases and conditions using MMS. SSKI may be an
    alternative for you. Check it out.

  6. My family and I experienced many bad battles trying to get rid of this
    terrible MRSA strain. Some doctors had good intentions in trying to help us
    and some frankly don’t care, they just want to keep you sick offering you
    the next wonder drug. We did not cure our problem with pills or treatment
    by a doctor, it all happen with a good diet eating fruits, vegetables, lean
    meat, nuts and seeds only. Research is paramount, DO IT to discover the

  7. most worst thing that everyone think that it is acne, but if you are older
    than 22 y.o. and have same amount of this infection, – you are infected by
    mrsa. I think i have this, but i never realized till, i tried those acne
    face cleaners soaps etc bull***t, and they had almost no effect, so i
    started to search found that tea tree oil does something.. but only
    temporally – while you use it and often every bacteria hates essential
    oils, but tea tree oil is mostly hated by bacterias, so still the effect
    was not that what i was expecting, I continued searching and found first
    about mrsa that it looks almost identical to acne, found that penycilin was
    useful ages ago when mrsa was just “SA”, so it progressed to resistance to
    methyl and penycilin, so new effective malicious drug is vancomycin – still
    effective, but know that antibiotics kills you proportionally same as that
    bacteria in body, so with antibiotics you kill yourself more than heal from
    I decided to search natural medicine, and found that dandelions has
    antibiotics but not so harmful for our bodies, and tried them :)) worked a
    little, but best would be to buy essential oil? but i searched for even
    more realizable found that mms is also good drug harms less than gives
    benefit, and finally came to easy thing “ionic colloidal silver” a silver
    liquid solution which is exactly same silver what you wear in jewelery just
    extracted by electrolysis way in water so you have to drink it, and
    actually it can be made by yourself. I heard this way is even better that
    mms drug so i will try. actually my mrsa is controlled and pulled down but
    i can’t get rid of it completely so i’m looking.

  8. On week three of using MMS (protocol 1000) to treat staph infection (MRSA)
    and it hasn’t helped even slightly.

  9. thank you Jonathon, this information was really helpful, this is my first
    time I don’t have it really bad, but I’m scared cause my mom has highest
    asma degre and I’m afraid to get her infected what should I do?

  10. My child told me that I must go online and tell everyone how we cured this
    naturally. We woke up and she was so glad… her fever was gone, the bumps
    were drained and leveled out and no longer red and swollen. Here’s what we
    did… I don’t know if this part works or what but I read about tea tree
    oil and oregano oil and manuka honey… so I went and bought this along
    with 91% alcohol… I cleaned all sores with all three things and covered
    them all with bandages…. she still had a fever the next day…. I read
    about GARLIC… so I bought a bag of garlic… Do NOT buy minced garlic…
    you have to buy the white bulbs and crush them… the ingredient in garlic
    after crushed (the stinky part) is called allicin… I crushed one and a
    half … so approximately 20 – 25 garlic cloves (she is 18 and an adult…
    maybe use half this for a child or start small so you know the bath doesn’t
    sting)… She got in the bath.. .Make the water as hot as possible… I
    crushed the garlic and minced it myself and added it to her bath water
    (full tub)… she soaked for at least 30 mins… The hot water opens your
    pores and the garlic is the natural antibiotic and antiseptic. Oh! I also
    crushed two cloves and minced them up… added them to some hummus with a
    splash of olive oil…. mixed that up.. scooped it up on a cracker/pita or
    pretzel… I made her eat the crushed cloves (mix it up so it doesn’t burn
    their mouth or throat)…. After the bath, we did not apply bandages… she
    woke up this morning and fever is gone and the sores are scabbing and
    redness gone… We couldn’t believe it. Hope this helps and fuxx the guys
    trying to make money off the people suffering… This is the natural
    cure… I think it was the garlic bath…. seriously… I did the other
    stuff first and nothing noticeable happened as far as helping until the
    night after the garlic bath and eating the crushed garlic…. Good luck
    guys… Hope you all feel better.

  11. Vioxx was appoved by the FDA and assisted to kill many people. Fhck the
    corrupt FDA. The FDA is dangerous.

  12. I contracted staph by doing Martial arts. tiny boils began appearing on my
    thighs, calf etc. went to the Dr, he assumed it was fulliculitis, didn’t
    bother to do a culture. gave me bactrim for 10 days and it didn’t cleared
    the staph infection. I bought mms and I’m currently doing this protocol
    1000 for my 2nd week, I’ll keep updated.

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