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Health restored from HIV / AIDS – Ron – Protocol 1000 – MMS Testimonial

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39 Comments on Health restored from HIV / AIDS – Ron – Protocol 1000 – MMS Testimonial

  1. I’ve used MMS myself to get rid of my Rheumatoid Arthritis – it has helped
    me so much… I spent years using Antibiotics to treat my Rheumatoid
    Arthritis but after a while Antibiotics stopped working. Then one day I
    heard about MMS and spent a month of solid research before I finally tried
    it. I’ll tell you right now MMS is very unpleasant to take at first, but
    over time those side effects disappear and you feel so well and all the
    pain of my arthritis went away and my joints no longer click.

  2. Is there anything that you can do to boost the sound on this video .. it’s
    too quiet? My speakers are already on full volume.

  3. Im giving my friend MMS I gave him two big doses one of 30 drops and two
    weeks later one of 25 drops. Blood levels looking like there getting
    normal. I ll keep you posted. Keep up with the prayers.

  4. I also gave the MMS to a pitbull by spraying it on his skin. He had a rash
    that was spreading for months. I started teating him and in less than two
    weeks it was almost cleared up and most of his hair grew back in that area.
    I have pics to prove it. Email me with Project Bandit and I will send you
    the pictures.

  5. Yes, I believe a cure would be ignored. Allot of wealthy people and
    governments believe the world is overpopulated and that it’s best to just
    let the sick die. A cure would only mean more overpopulation, The Cancer
    charities are also a lie. The money goes to treatments that cost people
    their homes and savings. To only still die broke and leave the financial
    burden on their loved ones.

  6. But is this cure of hiv? One must have get ill in future after taking
    treated with mms. it can be for some time not for always. Can MMS Lessen
    the viral load also?

  7. Dr Garth Nicholson says HIV is real but rarely kills its the opportunistic
    infections like the lab mycoplasma fermentens that kill

  8. At the age of only 8 years old (8 years ago), my son was diagnosed with
    melanoma and had to have a huge chunk of flesh removed from his forearm.
    Imagine the devastated feeling I had as a father. About 5 years ago, my
    son got another spot on the back of his ankle. They would have cut his
    Achilles tendon to remove it! He would never have been able to walk again.
    I searched for alternative ways of healing him, and found Jim Humble. I
    emailed Jim, and he gave me the protocol for curing my son of melanoma. I
    applied the mms mixed with dmso, and overnight, the melanoma was killed and
    peeled off! I couldn’t believe it myself. Within two days, all that was
    left was a nice pink spot where the melanoma was. I was so, so thankful.
    I have pictures to prove it. If anyone wants to know more, contact me at We have to be aware that the FDA is in bed with the
    drug companies and that they don’t want people to know about this. Spread
    the news while we can. MMS is amazing.

  9. MMS people get things done! So that’s why I’m posting this:

    Check this out! This guy’s invention gets rid of chemtrails as far as the
    eye can see. It really works. It’s amazing! How does this thing work?
    Who knows but I’m sure glad it does. Simple to make, His FREE youtube
    video shows how, called “Save Fukushima Part 2 Make A Purviance Pyramid”

    You can’t lose folks! Its free info, its easy to make and it really
    works. Took me a couple lazy days and NO CHEMTRAILS since I’ve been using
    it!! It’s amazing. All I can say is Wow!


    • +the bargar I was referring to “Wise Student” who is anything but wise.
      He’s basically saying that people with aids deserve to die… So, I said,
      “You’re such an ignorant idiot for saying that…”

    • Jamaal, you have a good point, honestly. It’s just that I get very
      frustrated with people who don’t know what they are talking about. MMS is a
      godsend to everyone on the planet, and it seems that both corporate and
      government trolls will say and do anything to try to stop it. Did you know
      that Daniel Smith, a guy who was trying to do the right thing when he was
      selling MMS, is now in prison for selling a product that has helped
      thousands of people get over all kinds of ailments? To me, sometimes, you
      have to stand up to ignorance with strong words – the only ones that they
      seem to understand. But, I shouldn’t be hateful or hurtful to anyone –
      thank you for the reminder. I appreciate your thoughts.

  11. Please note that the new protocol for MMS is to take a maximum of 3 drops
    every hour for 8 hours a day for 2 weeks for serious dis-ease. There are
    comments in here of someone administering 25 to 30 drops AT ONCE which will
    surely give anyone a stomach ache! Do your homework on MMS before using
    it… And if these posts were meant to mislead, then you’ve been warned.

    • hey coach just ordered product how long does it. take for mmsforhealth to
      ship product

  12. I tried MMS twice,total
    fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jim Humble should
    be .Piece of crap.!FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

    • +CoachSteve4u I was reading up on it and it one link said they are the same
      another said mms is better for treating hiv so I’m confused on what to get

    • Sorry for not being more clear. Don’t worry – when you order the MMS kit,
      you can make either MMS or CDS…

    • +CoachSteve4u I ordered from mmsforhealth about how long would it take to
      get product at flat rate price

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