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Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism – Testimonial by Maggie

– Maggie’s son was born in 2008 and was diagnosed with Congenital Hypothyroidism. He began to take synthetic thyroid replacement medication at 3 days of age. When Maggie’s son was three years old, she noticed he was losing some language and developed sensory processing problems. Maggie took her son to the Pediatric Endocrinologist and requested a developmental evaluation. She had to wait six months for the appointment, and her son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4. His speech and language was tested to be at the level of a 23 month old and his gross and fine motor skills were just a few months ahead of that. Maggie immediately began a gluten, dairy, soy free diet and saw improvements in her son. She had some testing done which confirmed her suspicions that he had food intolerances and other digestive concerns. Maggie did not want to change her son, but to heal his physical problems. She researched and researched and found the cd protocol which made sense to her as it battled all of the problems her son tested positive for. Maggie’s son began the cd protocol five months after his diagnosis and had immediate improvements. In this video, Maggie states her son no longer needed his thyroid medication 7 weeks into the protocol; however, upon review of her notes, she realizes her son was medication-free at 4 weeks in. He no longer requires medication now, over a year later. Maggie’s son lost his sensory processing problems, sleeps through the night, and is a healthy, happy five year old boy today. Maggie did the protocol along with her son and healed her own medical problems. Maggie’s son had a starting ATEC score of 80 and now has an ATEC score of 5. She credits diet and the cd protocol for her son’s recovery, and she happily helps other parents on their Autism journey.

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  1. TRADUCIDO DESDE GOOGLE. Puede tener errores, pero no se ha cambiado nada
    del texto.

    Hijo de Maggie fue diagnosticado con autismo cuando tenía cuatro años de
    edad. Él tenía los batidos y sus ojos estaban lanzando en todas partes. Él
    recibió una vacuna contra la hepatitis-B sin permiso. Los médicos dijeron
    que tenía hipertiroidismo congénito. A la edad de 3, que estaba empezando a
    mostrar signos de autismo, pero no fue diagnosticada hasta que tenía 4. Él
    no se sintió cómodo en su propia piel. Maggie entró en la investigación de
    modo hiperactivo. Ella fue atado y decidido a curar a su hijo, aunque en un
    principio se puso de lo más aceptación. Ella tropezó con el Protocolo de CD
    que tenía sentido para ella. Ella hizo las pruebas y encontraron que tanto
    su hijo e hija eran muy sensibles al gluten, trigo y soja. Maggie ella
    sufría de hipertiroidismo. Así, puso a toda la familia en el protocolo de
    CD y un plazo de 10 días, su propia bocio se había ido. Ella entonces sabía
    que esto estaba bien y que iba a trabajar para ella y su familia. Ordenó el
    libro. Lo curioso era que su hijo nunca estuvo interesado en los libros,
    pero estaba muy interesado en este libro en particular. Así que, ella sabía
    que esta era la respuesta para ella. Su hijo demostró mejoras inmediatas.
    Él está durmiendo toda la noche; digerir normalmente los alimentos; sus
    problemas sensoriales desaparecieron; él no necesita su medicamento para la
    tiroides más; es feliz y saludable. Todo el mundo se da cuenta de lo bien
    que está haciendo. Su ATEC comenzó a las 80 y que se ha reducido a un 5.

  2. Harry Spinoza, You really have no idea what you are talking about. CD
    works and it’s not toxic. I use it myself and it is nothing short of a
    miracle for not only children and adults with autism, but also for those
    with chronic illnesses and other issues. It’s only a water purifier. I
    can’t understand why so many are afraid of it. I’m not sure what
    “legitimate science” you are looking for but as most parents of autistic
    children know, if we wait on the FDA and “science” to help our kids, we are
    going to be waiting a long time. Please educate yourself before you start

  3. There is so much hate surrounding CD for our sick kids. That saddens me
    that the haters cause parents who could help their children with this
    protocol afraid to try it. I was afraid, and all it did was cost me two
    years of healing. CD works, it is safe if done according to the protocol,
    it is inexpensive compared to any other biomedical protocol for autism. 

    • Read the MSDS!
      I present you facts, you resort to conjecture.
      You have no facts to back up your claims.

    • +Daniel Snell bleach is actually sodium hypochlorite not chlorine dioxide.
      The exact same ingredients are put in foods and used in water purification
      and mouthwashes with the exact same ingredients and the dosages are not
      much different.

    • +Daniel Snell Just because you call it quackery doesn’t make it so. That
      is your opinion, not facts. The non-official science is pretty clear, in
      dilute form, Chlorine Dioxide is non-toxic. Go read the MSDS, under 5% it
      is non-toxic. People take it at like 0.005%, it is so dilute the toxic
      potential is laughable.

  4. Maggie, I am soooo proud of you. Keep up the great work. I love and take CD
    everyday. I’m not taking my Synthroid anymore. I feel better without it!
    Anyone who says that this is bleach or says that this does not work, has
    never taken it and/or is ill educated!! CD is simply a game changer and a
    life saver.

    • Thank you, Brigitte. Criticism comes with the territory, but blood and
      stool tests don’t lie. Our son has made tremendous progress and continues
      to. All I want is to help more families heal and set themselves up for a
      healthy, optimal future. I still take Armour for my thyroid, but at a much
      lower dose than what I was at prior to cd. It has healed many of my friends
      various ailments, but that is a separate testimonial! I wanted to focus on
      my son and his story. He is proof that cd heals when used properly.

    • +MrGottaBeMyself I recognize your sarcasm. If you are TRULY interested, I
      have never used the word cure. My symptoms improved greatly, but I still
      treat my thyroid. My son has not needed thyroid supplementation nor shown
      any regression, and I chose to focus on him in this interview which is why
      i didn’t elaborate on my own health issues. I only added a comment about my
      experience to show that I did the protocol along with him. Thats what
      families do. They go through difficult times together rather than judge
      others’ journeys. But you probably cant relate to that, can you?

    • I have reversed my hypothyroidism Dx. it is amazing not to need medication
      everyday, and I feel much better. My bloodwork came back normal in October
      2014. I haven’t looked back since.

  5. I am on my 6th CD protocol with my three year old twin boys and it is a
    SLOW process but at the same time we have seen such incredible results so
    far too! Sometimes when the days go by so slowly its hard to remember how
    far we’ve come in only a matter of 6 months. It is testimonies like this
    one that encourage me to continue on because it really is incredible to see
    such progress. So happy for you and your family! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  6. I’m not a mms user (yet). I don’t judge anything without trying it out
    myself. But there are some nasty people who are trying to bash anything
    without knowing or trying substance. This person is one them.

  7. So Amazing! I Love her Determination! My son (9 yrs old turning 10)
    suffered a Traumatic brain injury July 20, 2013 and I take bits and pieces
    of information from everywhere to continue his recovery. In July-Oct of
    2013 it was getting him to walk,swallow,talk, hold up his head,etc now I’ve
    covered the foundation. Hes 12 now plays baseball and xbox again but time
    to work on fine motor skills and sensory processing. Faith and Never Giving
    up!! I’m not the book type lol, but even if I read it and it doesn’t help
    my son (I’m sure something in there will) but I can always pass on
    information to another parent!
    Thanks Maggie and Great Job its not easy to heal your child, but its
    possible!! You did it!!

    • +Jamie lee Stevens I dont have a child recovering from a traumatic brain
      injury persay, but my daughter (sister of little guy I speak of in this
      video) recovered from a brain tumor; surgery was successful, and she had
      months of outpatient rehabilitation therapies. I know how long and arduous
      recovery can be. Our kids chose us on purpose. What a gift they’ve given
      us! Happy healing to you and yours. Thank you for your message xoxo

    • My son was healthy until he was injected with poisons disguised as
      protection. He hasn’t used this treatment or
      Been injected
      With a vaccine in three years and he’s been healthy ever since! He’s
      Healthy and happy but thanks for your concern ❤️?

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