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10 Comments on Glaucoma – MMS Testimonial

    • +Stacey Self
      Hi did you get a reply as to your question ”what type of mms protocol did
      you use?”
      Grateful if you get back


  1. por favor podrian traducir al español este video!!! me es muy importante
    tener mas informacion sobre el MMS y como actua en caso de
    glaucoma…infinitamente agradecida a quien lo haga!!!! Please could
    translate into Spanish this video !!! me is very important to have more
    information on MMS and act as if … infinitely grateful glaucoma who do

  2. Awesome,I appreciate all these testimonials as it had helped me decide to
    go ahead and take it.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. REASON, EMOTION & TRUTH: The cure for AIDS / CANCERS from the 1980’s US
    Patent 6086922. It is basically MMS. Please look up the US Patent
    number 6086922. It is amazing!

    Private Investigator Sinne
    U.S.A. Washington

  4. Fico feliz que o sr se curou da doença de glaucoma!! Mas, poderia nos dizer
    qual foi o procedimento ou protocolo que usou para o sucesso? Obrigado!!
    I’m glad that Mr. cured of glaucoma disease !! But, you could tell us what
    was the procedure or protocol used for success? Thanks
    Que nao seja um segredo. That is not a secret

  5. I have safely used MMS to treat my teeth and have saved my teeth without
    having to have root canals done on them. One MMS drop in a small cup with 5
    drops of the acid. After three minutes, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of water and
    stir it with a toothbrush. Your toothbrush is now nicely sterilized. Stir
    the mixture onto the brush, carry it into your mouth, and brush the tooth
    or teeth where the pain is felt. Carry more MMS into your mouth and repeat
    for two minutes or more. < i followed those directions a few times a day 8-12 hrs apart for 3 days. I also have used MMS successfully to heal sinus infection. Clara's 6 and 6 protocol.

  6. Can you use any Chlorine Dioxide or does it have to be the mss brand?. The
    stuff they use for fish tanks ect. It says it’s the same stuff. And if not
    why not?.

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