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10 Comments on Genesis II Church Chikungunya Test Study in Colombia

  1. what a nice lady ! Sure hopes that chicken gakneea’ goes away
    completely-i wonder what causes that?

  2. Thanks for posting

    For anyone who hates the smell/taste, as I do, try taking it with kimchi.
    I put a small forkful of kimchi in my mouth, breath in, and then exhale as
    I drink and swallow the Chlorine dioxide. It almost totally removes the

    • +Mathoncid Sacrament is required in today’s day and age (for it as such &
      required)….research more my brother or sister ….This protocol is an act
      of god or the Creator, simple… ANY book of Man’s to find the reason
      of human existence.

  3. Viral is 3 plus or minus EACH hour 8-10 + hours.what this well intentioned
    but ignorant mms minister is applying is the BACTERIAL protocol

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