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Diabetes, Malaria, Bronchitis, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Candida – MMS Testimonials

– Testimonies from our Health Minister in Zimbabwe: Diabetes, Malaria, Bronchitis, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Candida

Midrand, South Africa (11-01-2014)

33 Comments on Diabetes, Malaria, Bronchitis, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Candida – MMS Testimonials

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    • +Kombatant N7 no it dos’t do any thing. There have been no clinical trials
      to test these claims making it fake and bullshit!

    • go on line and go on you tube . You will be surprised that many people get
      results. so there might be something to it

    • +Bradlee Rivera Yes it certainly appears so according to huge amounts of
      testimonies which are next to impossible to forge.
      There are huge number of testimonials to be read at Jim Humble’s web page.
      For a very long lists of diseases.

    • +Junior Lora no, mms2 is for more severe and life threatening cases. So are
      the protocols that are higher than 1000. Have a look at Jim Humble’s web
      page. All the information you will ever need is there and then some..

    • +S Delapiel its p 1000 for most non severe cases. In jim humbles home page
      all protocols are listed

    • your original comment didnt mention you are looking for sympathy from
      others in the same situation but if you want to dismiss helpful
      information from people only because they arent in your shoes, be my guest.

      If you are really looking for a remedy then you are the only one who can
      help you by studying all the information along with all the protocols and
      testimonials at the founder’s (Jim Humble’s) web page

      A bit of advice is that a doctor does not have to succumb to all the
      diseases before he is able to cure them. This isnt how it works. Good luck!

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