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Chronic Lyme Disease Cured! MMS Testimony – MMS Testimonials – MMS Testimonies –

Here is a lady healed from Chronic Lyme Disease by using the MMS Sacramental Protocols from the Genesis II Church and guided by one of our Health Ministers!
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  1. Amazing! I’ve been using mms for years I’ve also taken mms2 I personally have so much faith in it! It’s relieved me from cystitis in just two days.

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  3. there is no ” mental” aspect of lyme/coinfections..there is, however, lyme cysts,and lyme / mycoplasma in brain..keep doing the mns

  4. Hi can we contact the lady that helped you so I can also understand what is the right protocol my mom is type 2 diabetic and we are trying it but honestly I’m not sure if I’m doing this right and I don’t want to make it worse. Appreciate any guidance! Thank you for sharing your testimony!

  5. Can you please share the e-book? My friend has both Lupus and bone cancer and I know mms will help. Thank you

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