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G2Voice Broadcast #134 – ALL vaccines are poison to the body PERIOD! 4/7/2019


This week we are talking about why all vaccines are toxic to the body.

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7 Comments on G2Voice Broadcast #134 – ALL vaccines are poison to the body PERIOD! 4/7/2019

  1. I’d share to Facebook but my account was disabled because apparently I’m impersonating myself ..gotta love censorship!

  2. I purchased your first ebook for $25. I even sent you many corrections for the next version. There is now a free ebook version?

  3. Just started MMS Sacraments wanted to know how long a period can you use this whether you are taking a one drop protocol or using 3 or higher? I have a few things I want to use this for nothing life threatening. Asthma which I currently use supplements not drugs to treat. Occasional skin issues due to some food sensitivities and lower back issues which I see a Chiropractor besides stretching and daily use of MSM and Cayenne. I do take a lot of supplements which I’d love to reduce or stop all together. My diet is mainly organic food and distilled water. No bad habits outside of a cup of coffee. One note about my asthma I was on shots for 20 years and 3 prescription drugs for over 30 years before I stopped and used VIT C high doses, Magnesium, Quercetin and higher doses of. VIT D. I live in New England so limited sun in the winter. So can you be on this daily for extended periods like a year for example without taking a break? My plan was to build up to 3 drops and stay on for at least 6 months then stop and see how I feel on no supplements while maintaining organic diet.

    • 3 drops for 3-6 weeks is enough and yes get off your supplements and eat real food. I am from New England Also. Where are you?
      Lord bless, Mark

  4. On the topic of vaccines. I grew up in the 60’s so very little vaccines as a child. However at the age of 13 I received a tetanus shot after stepping on a nail. 8 weeks later I developed bad asthma. Coincidence? I blame the shot. No one in my family had asthma.

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