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G2Voice Broadcast #123 Why Health Nuts are NUTS! 1/20/2019


This week we are talking about why health nuts are nuts.

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5 Comments on G2Voice Broadcast #123 Why Health Nuts are NUTS! 1/20/2019

  1. My eyes are opened and I hear what you’re saying! 👍
    The evil is spiraling out of control but that only means Jesus is that much closer to coming back for His bride! 🤗
    My husband, Jesse, has done the starting protocol and protocol 1000. He felt better but his brain issues crept back in after about a month. He just started Protocol 1000 plus with dmso. We’re noticing some positive results after 3 days.
    Say a prayer for him if you feel led. We’ve been fighting this battle for over 6 years now and I’m weary. Please pray for me too…it’s hard for me to admit this but sometimes, I just want to walk away (but I won’t).
    Jesus is my strength!
    God Bless you and yours for all you do! ❤️

  2. This is my favorite teeth cleaner. Zero cavities since I started in 2006. I just have the issues with current amalgams and cant wait to find a cost effective way to get them replaced with safe materials. Preferably my own body rebuilding them but dont see that happening any time soon.. good list of testimonies. I read them in the newsletter.

  3. Thank you for praying over my book Mark. We have received a handful of blessings already!

    My latest save, with our sacrament, was my friend’s kitty cat. She took O.C. to the vet, spent $185 to be told nothing was wrong with him. But there was. O.C. was lathergic, had a weak cracky whisper for meow, and his eyes dark.

    1st treatment I could only clean his paws and rub his fur about face and ears, as I carry spray bottle with me.

    Later in the evening O.C. showed improvement already! So gave O.C. weight appropriate oral dose and placed drops in ears.

    This morning O.C showed even more improvement and had eaten. I dosed him again just once today. Before I left O.C. was playing with me!

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