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G2Voice Broadcast #108 How do I CURE ANY “DIS-EASE” with the G2Sacraments? 10/07/2018


This week we are taking about how to cure tropical dis-eases.

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11 Comments on G2Voice Broadcast #108 How do I CURE ANY “DIS-EASE” with the G2Sacraments? 10/07/2018

  1. Mark and son, thank you for your work and sharing mms to the world. I do have a question regarding mms dose. What is the min and max doses given average weight of an individual? I am familiar with 1000 protocol?

  2. I use to have diarrhea all the time and would have to go running to a restroom. I used mms 1000. Now I am normal.I can even past wind in public with out worrying about making a mess like Hillary does to her dress’s.

  3. Just bought 2 sets of the MMS Sacrements from the official online store because I know the donation will go to a good cause.

  4. To be fair the evil people in the world are also attacking countries in the middle East because that’s where the oil is and killing thousands of people there, and displacing millions.

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