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G2Voice #110 Your baldness: Hereditary, Toxicity, Autoimmune? 10/21/2018


This week we are taking about what so many people are bald.

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4 Comments on G2Voice #110 Your baldness: Hereditary, Toxicity, Autoimmune? 10/21/2018

  1. Forcing meds and healthcare on people because they dont think for themselves. We are accountable for our own health, its proven the industry ONLY WANTS the bottom line$$$$$$!

    My mom had a full head of hair, one streak of grey in her hair…i have grey throughout the hair and hair fall! Realized i have a loss of minerals, but something was still missing, got a series of colonics, boy did i feel refreshed in my temple, then the big one…found mms. Thank Mark for your wisdom and knowledge!👏👏, still working on this issue, but i have hope!

  2. I have hair loss and getting grey, started using MMS for cancer and one of side benefits  is my hair color is coming back, still waiting for hair growth.  Great show Thanks God Bless

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