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G2Voice #099 G2Sacraments and the Animal World! (8-5-2018)

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What Would You Change If?

This week we are talking about how David in New Zealand is trying to save the cows using Chlorine Dioxide.

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6 Comments on G2Voice #099 G2Sacraments and the Animal World! (8-5-2018)

  1. Just wanted to say I had have the pet it had an awful hotspot that was looking infected, the animal was always chewing on the same spot. I made up some MMS spray spray the area just twice a day and amazingly within 2 days the spot healed up and the hair grew back the skin is totally healthy underneath the hair as well.
    I am totally amazed there was also a small bump near the Tail of the animal and that has also disappeared. I showed a few people and they were shocked now not only did this disappear for a few days and then come back it has now been over a month, I did not need to continue the treatments soon as I saw it was healed I left it alone and since then still no problems. MMS is truly amazing God bless all of you. Proud to be a member of the Genesis 2 Church of healing.

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